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Babylonian in descent, his parents had high hopes when they named him after the star also known as Aldebaran.

They're still hoping...

My bijou at -1559, 2882 in NP has passed!

I specialize in high quality resin wedges. See my pricing page for details.

Chat me in game to start placing an order.

80 steps to ~8k: 1:s7 3:s8... means use shaping mallet:strength 7 for blows 1 and 2; strength 8 for blows 3 to … feedback appreciated.

More interesting info

Very happily married to Tzalaa

Pages of interest:


Petition for Encroaching Buildings Act (EBA)

Purpose: to protect compounds from grief by other buildings. This act should not be read to limit the Demi-Pharaoh's rights of banishment.

A building is said to be "encroaching" on a compound if it is within 3 coords of any cell of that compound and constructed since the compound's most recent blueprint modification.

The owner of a compound, or a guild elder of the owning guild, may petition the Demi-Pharaoh(DP) for relief from encroaching buildings. A petition must be made within 14 days of the construction of the encroaching building or the encroaching building becomes exempt.

Upon review of the circumstances surrounding the construction of the compound and its encroaching buildings, the DP may choose to grant relief by removing the encroaching building(s) and/or the petitioner's compound, with some portion (perhaps all, perhaps none) of the construction materials returned to the corresponding owner. Such relief is subject to limitations imposed by the GMs/dev team.

Note: removal of the compound with all materials returned allows for easy relocation while removal of the compound without all materials returned is punishment for abuse of this Act.