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  • Played T1 Beta, a month of T2 in Fool's Paradise, and a few months of T3 at Seven Lakes.
  • Birthday is on February 2nd :D
  • Am Russian
  • My first love is MUDs (text-based roleplaying games), ATITD is my second - gaming-wise.
  • I've a Facebook.

Please consider

This is completely off-topic and has nothing to do with the game. Since you are paying a monthly fee for a game then you probably can afford to adopt a homeless animal. I've just been really distressed with some things in the news I've been reading and feel like I need to post this here. There are so many beautiful cats and dogs stuffed into cages being put to sleep daily for lack of room. If you can, please provide a safe home to an abandoned animal or two. Either a no-kill shelter or any kind of shelter is good, as long as it's not a breeding shop... those are evil. But such a decision is for life, don't take it lightly. One more thing - if you find a stray, do not call Animal Control because they will most likely euthanize it. Try your best to adopt the animal, or contact a no-kill shelter as a last resort. In conclusion, even if you don't adopt, educate other people about the importance of spaying/neutering their pets. Thanks for reading.

Nipaeri's T3 story

"River reeds and dark pampas grass swayed violently in the gusts that night. A nameless place within the desert offered shelter to two meek shadows. A small patch of grass surrounded a rivulet, and a dozen palm trees guarded the shelter from the fierce desert wind. A young man and woman held onto each other, their knees on the harsh grass. They were fatigued and terrified. Their journey to freedom was almost complete. For the past two days, they were on a run for their lives. Peony and Varin were slaves, escaping a life of captivity and misery, and risking death in the pursuit of freedom. They were secretly betrothed.

They started their forbidden journey at a slave camp. Taking turns, they built a ferry from scratch. To keep the pretense of appearances, one or the other would work on the ferry, hidden behind a hill close to the Nile river; the other would work with the other slaves and hope that the foreman's watchful eyes suspected nothing. Varin had heard about Seven Lakes and inspired Peony. It was a lush, fertile land where everyone was free, and a commoner could own a compound and land. There, the Pharaoh had fashioned a law out of the people's voices and crime was very rare.

The couple hastily prayed to Osiris and sailed off. Before they could be out of sight though, the watchful foreman noticed their disappearance and summoned help in following and capturing them.

Now, they were on their track. If they were caught, as runaway slaves often are, they would be killed instantly.

Guessing that the foremen could not find them in a sandstorm, Peony and Varin doze off and fell asleep.

The next morning, Peony found herself alone. Upon surveying her shelter, she found small paw prints leading into the distance... And footprints following them. Varin had run away with a feline! Peony tried to console herself by reminding herself that he always had a thing for the furry children of Bast. "But I still can't believe my betrothed left me for a cat," thought she. "He probably joined their sect now." She waited for hours. Her ebony skin glistened with sweat; her black hair hung like straw. Warm green eyes studied the barren landscape.

She decided to move on. Her heart waved goodbye to Varin. Her soul wished he would find home and happiness among the cats. She secretly mocked Bastet. But brushing all these things aside, she resumed her travel. Within a day, she set foot in Seven Lakes, at the home of a kind peasant. She was warmly welcomed and shown around. A bustling center of commerce and learning, Seven Lakes was situated between another busy region called Karnak, and the deserts. On her first day, Peony joined a guild, and on her second, established a compound on her own land by one of the famed lakes.

The foremen may have lost her track, but she decided throwing caution to the wind was foolish. She started referring to herself as Nipaeri, meaning "feather of Isis" - a rare exotic herb grown on the peaks of the most treacherous and steepest cliffs. In Seven Lakes, nobody knew that she had once been called Peony.

In her new life, Nipaeri frequented the School of Worship and the School of the Human Body. Deeply pious, she loved all the deities. The Elders at these academies taught her how to forage for herbs in the wild, how to cook, and how to harvest. She loves these things above all. Her dream was to become a renowed vintner and cook. She loved the brotherhood of guilds and desired to contribute to their growth.

At night, when the caps of mushrooms mirrored the moon's rays, Nipaeri missed Varin and often thought of him."

T4 Interests and Info

    • Wines and beer
    • Cooking
    • Test of the Singing Cicada
    • Test of the Acrobat
    • Mushrooming
    • Mutagenics

    • Member in the Vault
    • Resides in Queen's Retreat, far from the Chariot!

Good Quotes

    • "The people that have enriched my experience in ATitD were the ones that I enjoyed interacting with. This had almost nothing to do with any pixelated "contibution" they made to the game world destined to be wiped clean. I enjoy the journey and the people that I get to meet along the way. That's why I play mmog's. It's an opportunity to get to know people that I'd otherwise never cross paths with. I have surprisingly little regard for people's "accomplishments" in game. They're quite meaningless to me in the global, real life sense. What I do remember are the kind people, the funny people, and yes, even the mean people. In any given telling I can't tell you who opened any given tech or won any contest, but I certainly can remember small gestures of kindness or humorous anecdotes. Calling any in-game contribution "Huge" is really a stretch. It's a database. You can have a more tangible effect on other humans by simply being kind or funny. Your metrics fit your playstyle: You're an achiever. I'm more of a socializer/explorer. The things that other people build or open have surprisingly little effect on my gameplay. It's their personality that matters to me. The tests/buildings/techs I can do for myself. The companionship/humanity I can't." - Nebu
    • "Simplify ATITD: Don't complain about space; Egypt is big enough... If you request a signature, have the decency of reading the other player's petitions... When you want dates, carry Saltpeter with you and fertilize palms for the next player... Make ALL Apiaries Public; don't be stingy - sooner or later you too will benefit... Make some mines PUBLIC; you cannot possibly mine them all, and the ore extracted from them contributes to the aggregate wealth of All Egypt... Secure all your property - DPA is legal, player introduced and ruthlessly enforced (duly warned)... Make your chests STASHABLE - to encourage random acts of kindness... If a sheep pen is public - contribute and don't be greedy by killing all the sheep or stealing the onions... If you collect SAP - injure the cactus... Public greenhouses help everyone and if you want grass from them - make stashable chests for us to put grass in it for you... When you leave camp, make it a habit always to return full of gathered resources. Thank you!" - Xerlux

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