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From A Tale in the Desert

Hello and thanks for visiting my page. More to come but for now I try a guide to Shovel Making because there´s none at all.

Pictures of how the raw block looks like (2) and how it should turn out(1)below (will cut them smaller). So what you basicaly have to do is get a lower dent in the middle, get metal to the back sides and make a flat tongue at the front.My strategy is to get metal from the area which will be the tongue in the end to the middle/back of the piece and then push then to the sides so they give me the height I need there.My tool of choice i use most for that is a Shaping Mallet because I need to move masses of metal. I use force medium(7) to low (3) to get that done and shift a lot between model and my work piece.Start at the front part where the tongue will be and try to push metal to the back. I hit in the front, but not the edge because i want the metal. This creates a higher ridge a bit behind the front.Push that back with 2 side strokes / a middle stroke if neccesary and repeat. Try it out, it´s really not hard.I got a 4.6k at my first attempt and a 6.4 at my second so don´t get scared. I´ll add more pictures of the working process at some time.