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From A Tale in the Desert
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About Me

French user, I speak also english and german. I like chatting with people and finding what the game can offer. I like to help other people understand the game. I do some wiki updates and translate some pages into french as well. I enter sighting of herbs, shrooms and animals whenever I see some, so that the game can be better understood and predicted.

I am based in Upper Egypt, with my compound at 2360, 2750, close to Paradise Plains garden and compounds. I will be married to the wonderful User:Panyea.

I like quarrying and brewing beer ;-)
I'm a master gem cutter and can do all paint colors. I can also design all kinds of gearboxes.

Je suis français, mais je parle aussi l'anglais et l'allemand. J'aime discuter avec les joueurs et découvrir ce qu'offre le jeu. J'aime aussi aider les autres joueurs à mieux comprendre le jeu. Je mets à jour la wiki et j'en traduis des pages en français. Je saisis mes trouvailles (plantes, champignons et animaux) dès que j'en trouve, afin de mieux pouvoir comprendre et prédire le fonctionnement du jeu.

Je vis en Haute Egypte, mon atelier se trouve à 2360, 2750, à côté des quartiers et jardins de Paradise Plains. Je suis marié à la merveilleuse User:Panyea..

J'aime prospecter du marbre et brasser de la bière ;-)
Je suis un maître tailleur de gemmes et je peux faire toutes les couleurs de peinture. Je peux aussi faire toutes sortes de boîtes à pignons.

Guild affiliations


Test Progress


Tests summary
Initiate Student Prentice Journeyman Scribe Master Sage Oracle
Architecture X Obelisk Towers Life Funerary Temple Phoenix Library Octec's Ghost
Art X Raeli Mosaic Khefre's Children Flight Pyrotechnics Dancing Waters Orchestra Formal Garden
Body X Safari Acrobat Singing Cicada Darkest Night Tattoo Oyster Catcher Banquet
Harmony X Prophet Reason Critic Marriage Freeman Balance of Goods Chains
Leadership X Kingmaker Pirates Plantation Mentorship Cartouche Coalition Bureaucrat
Thought X Bijou Pathmaker Hexaglyphs Venery Pulse Constellation
Worship X Pilgrim Vigil Beacons Remembrance Festivals Leavened Bread P


  • Initation: Completed
  • The Test of the Funerary Temple: Completed, glory of 62332
  • The Test of the Library: Completed, 30 books, expanded once
  • The Test of Life: Completed, CON/57 Cabbage tower at 1399, 3497
  • The Test of the Obelisk: Completed, 64 cubits, stands at 2284 2760
  • The Test of Octec's Ghost: Completed
  • The Test of the Seven Phoenix: Completed, 74 points
  • The Test of Towers: Completed, 705.27%


  • Initiation: Completed, "PP's first Xmas tree", 2330 2760
  • The Test of the Dancing Waters: Completed, 2190 2792
  • The Test of Flight: Completed, 2170 2720
  • The Test of the Formal garden: Completed, 2155 2778
  • The Test of Khefre's Children: Completed
  • The Test of the Orchestra: Completed, 51 points
  • The Test of Pyrotechnics: Completed
  • The Test of the Raeli Mosaic: Completed, "My state of mind", 2148 2772


  • Initiation: Completed
  • The Test of the Acrobat: Completed
  • The Test of the Banquet: Completed
  • The Test of the Darkest Night: Completed
  • The Test of the Oyster Catcher: Completed
  • The Test of the Ritual Tattoo: Completed, 27th list
  • The Test of the Safari: Completed
  • The Test of the Singing Cicada: Completed, speed 14


  • Initiation: Completed
  • Balance of Goods: Completed, 18303 points
  • The Test of Chains: Completed, 25 points
  • The Test of the Critic: Completed, 314 points
  • The Test of the Freeman: Completed, 199 points
  • The Test of Marriage: Completed, 304 points
  • The Test of the Prophet: Completed, 45 points
  • The Test of Reason: Completed, 813 points


  • Initiation: Completed
  • The Test of the Bureaucrat: Completed, 357 points
  • The Test of the Coalition: Completed, 7410 points
  • The Test of the Covered Cartouche: Completed
  • The Test of the Kingmaker: Completed, 1350 points
  • The Test of Mentorship: Completed
  • The Test of the Plantation: Completed
  • The Test of the Retired Pirates: Completed, 2016 doubloons


  • Initiation: Completed
  • The Riddle of the Sphinx: in progress
  • The Test of the Bijou: Completed, 2148 2772
  • The Test of the Constellation: Completed, 2150 2778
  • The Test oh the Hexaglyph: Completed, 2146 2773
  • The Test of the Pathmaker: Completed, 1701 3690
  • The Test of the Pulse of the People: Completed, 1515 1770
  • The Test of the Venery: Completed, 2316 2760


  • Initiation: Completed
  • Remembrance Ceremonies: Completed, 9 ceremonies
  • The Path of the Pilgrim: Completed
  • The Test of Beacons: Completed
  • The Test of Festivals: Completed
  • The Test of the Humble Priest: in progress, Principles done, Geb left
  • The Test of the Leavened Bread: Completed, 5 bread
  • The Test of the Vigil: Completed

Avatar Numbers


  • Strength: 7
  • Dexterity: 7
  • Endurance: 7
  • Speed: 14
  • Constitution: 7
  • Focus: 27
  • Perception: 8

Indulgence Numbers

  • Gastronomy: 88
  • Beer Tasting: 130
  • Fumeology: 273
  • Wine Notebook: Oenophile (1/14 spice, 0/7 melon-apricot, 0/1 tobacco-walnut)


  • SThought : 2 OSM, 20 jade, 200 bricks;
  • SHarm : 50 paper; 300 glass rods, 300 leather;

Compound Designs

I loved to design compounds in previous tales, here are some examples of what I did:

our Camel brick/stonework CP
Panyea's dragon lair
our protecting Dolphin
ellorin's Kangaroo flower farm
biggest desert Rat ever!
watch out for Crocs!

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