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Wine is a data/note taking intensive activity. As such, vintners have developed a number of abbreviations to simplify this process.

Vineyard States

Sa Sagging The vines are sagging a bit
W Wilting Leaves are wilting
M Musty A musty smell can be detected
F Fat Stems look especially fat
R Rustle Leaves rustle in the breeze
Sv Shrivel The grapes are starting to shrivel
Sm Shimmer Leaves shimmer with moisture

Vineyard Tends

AS Aerate Aerate the soil
MG Mist Mist the grapes
PO Pinch Pinch off the weakest stems
SL Shade Shade the leaves
SV Spread Spread out the vines
TV Tie Tie the vines to the trellis
TL Trim Trim the lower leaves

Vine/Grape Attributes

SG Starting grapes
A Acid
C Color
G Grapes
Q Quality
K Skin
S Sugar
V Vigor

Wine in the Barrel

V Vintage
Al Alcohol
RS Residual Sugar
T Tannin

Wine in the Bottle

V Vintage
Al Alcohol
S Sugar
T Tannin
A Acid
H Hue