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Note: I cannot get .xls files to upload right now. Will try again at some point, please forgive the broken links.


This is a spreadsheet for tracking vineyard states, tends and resulting grape stats.
Designed to be highly user-friendly, intuitive and printable.

  • Download VineSim for Open Office (Version 2.0 - March 4, 2009)
    I have gotten VineSim_v2 to work in Open Office but any changes made to the document are extremely slow (ie. 5-10sec response time). This is a known Open Office issue. There is mention that some slower documents work faster on OO 2.3. I'll see if rebuilding some of it from scratch helps. -Darien

Vineyard Tracker

Click for full size screenshot.

This is my latest. Very powerful tool for tracking vineyards and simulating growth.

(Contributed during T3 by Aberdon)

Grapes Tool

Not much to say about it really, it's just an excel spreadsheet I created to help with mixing of different grapes in winebarrels.

You can put in the number of grapes you (want to) put in a barrel and it will calculate the average stats on your grapes.

(Contributed during T3 by Mudkest)

Zipped the xls file and uploaded but think I messed it up somehow -Mudkest


Winer is a program that will help you grow grapes with the stats you want. You tell it how to score a given tending sequence, and it will produce a number of sequences for particular vineyards and cutting types. The process it uses is not guaranteed to produce the best possible answer, but in most cases the answer will at least be pretty good.

Winer was created in Ruby, and requires Ruby to run from the sources. The Windows binary package contains an executable version - sorry about the size.

Send feedback!

Sources can also be found at The Windows exectuable is there as well:
(Contributed during T3 by Gardiner)