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Wine Notebook

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Note: This information copied directly from T3 wiki! Is totally not accurate!

Basic Tasting Info

Wine has flavors dependent on where its grapes were grown. Each time you drink a wine, you will taste flavors depending on your palate, the wine, and the quality of glass it is drunk from. Known Flavors

It is best to drink wine from multiple quality wine glasses. With no palate increase (see below for palate increases) it is best to drink from a 9k glass, a 6k glass and a spot at the table with no glass. The more your palate increases and the more flavors/aromas a wine has you should try to drink it with 7 different qualities of glass ranging from 1k to 9k.

Sometimes when a wine is drunk it will give you a message saying your palate has increased. At this time we are not sure what triggers a palate increase (it may even be random).

  • With no increases, you taste only the strongest flavor of the wine.
  • Each increase beyond allows you to sense additional attributes in your wines.

Tasting To Complete Notebooks

You can get the notebooks at no cost from a School of Body, though there may be a level requirement (Check under Special on your menu before you make the trip. I found my wine notebook had mysteriously appeared there. --Pitaboo). Once you've completed one notebook, return to the school to get the next. There is more involved to filling in the slots of your notebook than simply drinking the number of glasses each category requires; a great deal of variety is necessary. If you are struggling a bit to fill in your notebook, try trading wines with people who have different flavors than you.

Beginner Notebook

  • 28 wines - Drink 28 different flavors. This is a bit tougher than the other categories, but it will be easier with palate increases.
  • 14 12%+ alcohol wines - This can easily be accomplished by barreling grapes with high sugar. The higher the sugar the faster your wine will get to 12%.
  • 14 high quality - The easiest of the beginners notebook. Just make wines with good quality.
  • 7 3+ vintage wines - Drinking two 3+ vintage wines on a 9k+, 6k and no glass. That should get you 6 points usually. Then just drink any other 3+ vintage or a thin 3+ vintage works too.

Enthusiast Notebook

  • 49 wines - As 28 wines above. Hopefully you will have more palate increases by now to assist with 49 different flavors.
  • 14 sweet wines - A 'sweet wine' is one that has RS of 10% or more when bottled. To accomplish this your grapes must have at least 20 sugar or more when you add them to the barrel. Insta-bottling is a great way to knock off these 14. Even a 'thin' sweet wine will count for a point.
  • 14 13%+ alcohol wines - This is harder because a 13% alcohol wine takes about a month (RL) in the barrel. Best way to make quick 13% wines is to have at least 50 sugar on your grapes and a good balance of other stats.
  • 21 very good quality wines - Same are high quality on beginner notebook.
  • 14 5+ vintage wines - Patience... Whenever you make wine, always try to put a few bottles away for future use.


  • A sampling of 70 Wines.
  • Explorations of Berries (21 Wines)
  • Explorations of Spice (14 Wines)
  • Explorations of Dried Fruit (7 Wines)
  • Sweet Flavors of Caramel (7 Wines)
  • Confluence of Melon and Apricot (7 Wines)
  • Confluence of Walnut and Tobacco (1 Wine)
  • Seven very old (9+ vintages) wines

Sommalier (Sommelier)

  • A Sampling of 107 Wines
  • Desert Explorations of Flowers (21 Wines)
  • Desert Explorations of Nuts (21 Wines)
  • Selections from Pharaoh's Cellar (21 Wines)
  • Explorations of Vegetables (21 Wines)
  • Extremely old (21+ vintages), Highly Alcoholic (14%+), Caramel Wines (3 Wines)
  • Confluence of Blackberry, Tea, and Caramel (7 Wines)
  • Ancient (35+ vintages) wines (21 Wines)