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Cilantro Advanced Research Program

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CARP Basics

The Cilantro Advanced Research Program (CARP) is for citizens of Celaeno who wish to participate in the advancement of research in the region. All residents of Celaeno who want to engage in donating to its renowned Universities and/or researching game mechanics are invited to join.

The guildhall is located at -2529, 816 near the School of Body, directly west of Celaeno's Chariot Stop.

CARP Elders


Check out the Celaeno Research Page for the current technologies we are working on.

CARP Aqueduct

CARP will also be spearheading an Aqueduct for Celaeno. Please contact one of the elders for more information, or see the plans in-progress on the Aqueduct Project page.


See the plans in-progress on the Mega Project page.