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University of Body
Level Required 4
Lessons Required 4?
Opened In
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Research Costs
Sharpened Stick 49
Cactus Sap 1111
Technology Research

Research Required to List:


Research Needed for Materials:


Research Possible After Opening:

  • None
Total # of Req. Techs 0


Allows the assembly of a Dowsing Rod, used to locate veins of metal ore.

Dowsing starts a Focus timer.

Tips n Tricks

Sometimes the absence of an ore is as important as presence. If you find a gap in a vein of ore, it's quite probable that you have an intersection of rare ore!



Appears as copper with 0 perception. Copper veins are usually quite long and narrow, no more then 5-10 coordinates wide and up to 100-200 coordinates long. The vein can run in any direction.


Appears as iron with 2 perception. Iron veins are usually quite long and narrow, no more then 5-10 coordinates wide and up to 100-200 coordinates long. The vein can run in any direction.


Appears as unknown with 2 perception. Usually appears at the intersection of iron and copper veins. While iron and copper veins are long and narrow, tin appears as a small blob as small as 25x25 coordinates in size.

Are you sure about the intersection thing? Got Iron/Copper/Iron and no tin -Orrin

I found a tin blob at an intersection of 2 iron veins -Mansku


Appears as unknown with 2 perception. While iron, copper, and tin are often found together, aluminum is usually found on it's own. With 2 perception you can use this to tell aluminum from tin by dowsing the surrounding area for iron or copper. -Not entirely true. Assuming that veins follow the same very basic idea of T4, 'rarer' veins are associated with iron/copper veins (possibly tin also, but that's irrelevant). As such you could have a copper vein meeting say, a silver vein.

Aluminum still dowses Unrecognized at 4 Per.

(tehm: I have copper near my Alum)

Titanium and Antimony T5ok small.gif

Spiral of Titanium with a small blob of Antimony in the middle. See map for dowsing detail:
Titanium/Antimony Dowsing Map

Perception Required

a dash (-) next to a number means that number or possibly lower, and needs to be updated as discovered

Metal/Ore Type Unrecognized At Recognized At Vein Shape Other Metals Nearby
Copper 0 Linear could be any/none
Iron 1 2 Linear could be any/none
Tin 2 4 Blob often @ Copper/Iron intersection
Aluminum 2 5 Linear
Zinc 3 6 Ring Lead
Titanium 6 13- Spiral with blob of Antimony in the middle Antimony
Lead 3 7- Center of Zinc Ring and Blob about +100, +100 NE from Zinc center Zinc
Tungsten 6 8 Spiral? Magnesium
Antimony 7 13- Blob in middle of Titanium Spiral Titanium
Magnesium 8- 18- Spiral Tungsten
Lithium 10- ? ?
Platinum 13- 24- ?
Silver - 15 ?
Gold 20 24 ?
Strontium 14 blob iron