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Used for the fast creation of large quantities of gravel. Load the box with Medium Stones and Explosives, and stand well back.


This building becomes available after you have learned the Detonation skill.



Load with up to 100 Medium Stones and 100 Explosives or Tincture compounds of your choice:

The Detonation box must have 100 Medium Stones before a detonation can proceed.

Volatile Explosives produce between 10 and 60 gravel per explosive. A minimum of 10 Volatile Explosives must be used. Volatile Explosives will scatter the gravel around in piles, the distance is dependent on the amount of explosives used. Gravel will be scattered across an area approximately equal to the distance a stone rolls when hit with a sledgehammer * (the number of explosives used/10). When using few explosives, gravel can end up inside of the model of the detonation box. ALL medium stones will be consumed when using Volatile Explosives regardless of the amount of explosives used.

Low Explosive, low, standard, high yield, yield 25/30/35 Gravel per medium stone. You must put in at least 33 tinctures into the det box and 100 medium stones. It will consume 1:1. Gravel will remain inside the Det box.

Volatile Explosives Gravel Gravel Per Explosive
10 252 25.2
10 134 13.4
20 1176 58.8
20 774 38.7
30 660 22
30 1506 50.2
41 1118 27.27
  • Low explosives will produce exactly 25 Gravel Per explosive. Gravel will remain inside the Detonation Box. Low explosives will consume one Medium Stones per explosive, the rest will remain inside the detonation box. A minumum of 40 Low explosives must be loaded to produce a detonation
  • High explosives can also be used, but will scatter the gravel over a wide area.
  • Using a detonation box causes an explosion that damages nearby equipment, in the same way as a chemistry lab explosion mishap causes damage. Only build and use a detonation box away from other buildings and equipment.
  • The Detonation Box is NOT damaged in the explosion.
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