Cut Stone


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Bulk 1
Weight 1


Cut stone is produced on a Rock Saw



Shapes stone into a finished shape, making it suitable as a building material.

Research and Tuition

Required By

Acoustics Laboratory, Advanced Glassblowing, Aqueduct Pumping Station, Aqueduct Tower, Automatic Sawmill, Avian Selection, Basic Chemistry, Carpentry Automation, Ceremonial Voting Booth, Chariot Repair 1, Chariot Repair 2, Chicken Coop, Clinker Vat, Cut Stone Obelisk, Test of Dancing Waters, Detonation, Eastern Meditation, Empty Hand Puzzle, Essence of Harmony, Fleet Furnace, Formal Garden Stella, Funerary Temple, Gem Cutting, Gem Cutting Table, Glory Hole, Hades Furnace, Hatch of Steel, Herpeculture, Herpeculture Experiments Level 1, Kiln Construction, Lesser Sphinx, Test of the Library of Alexandria, Masonry, Megalopolis, Mint, Modern Sheep Farm, Obelisk Construction 3, Test of Octec's Ghost, Paper Press, Papyrus Paper Fabrication, Pathmaker, Persephone Furnace, Reactory, Reinforced Kiln, Return of Promise, Salvage Techniques, Scent Lab, Scholar's Gem Cutting Table, Serpentarium, Shrine of Conflict … further results

Produced By

Cuttable Stone, Rock Saw

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