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Events/Royal Jelly Festival

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What a fine pickle we are all in! Our Pharaoh has had a vision from SCHU and wants us to make his dream a reality. Imagine a fine table, edges beautifully carved and gilded same as the chairs sitting round it. Spread before the Pharoah is a flavorful sweet feast. The acolytes of SCHU are his guests awaiting the blessings before dining...but the vision freezes. To our mighty leader's frustration he cannot see the conclusion nor understand why the priests must be with him. He must know!

We, the people of Egypt are commanded to show our best cooking skills but with two caveats. You must use an ingredient known to be sweeter than honey and giving everlasting health. Royal Jelly must be included in your recipe, the effervescent liquid garnered from our tiny bees. Since our Pharaoh believes that these insects miraculously impart their constant energy into the jelly, he has also demanded that the meal gives increased Constitution (7 minimum)

[[ OOC: Make as many meals as your talent bids you with the above hints. Only your best meal will count in the end. The gourmands running around Egypt to taste as many of their neighbours' sweet concoctions will determine which is your best - 1 taste only on each meal will count on either award. You are tasting for the Pharaoh! ]]

Prizes: Best Chef Award
top prize 1 of SCHU's Wineglass, high quality
top seven each 1 seed cucumber Wadjet's Garden
top 21 each 50 potash

Biggest Gourmand Award
top prize 1 Spiderfang Fly Rod
top 7 each 1 seed cucumber Ma'ats Plow
top 21 each 10 sheet glass
top 49 each 49 gravel

in lottery are one Sapphire Light Box and one Emerald Light Box


  • Chefs
    • 1st Tie between Amy and Sabina (Schu's Wineglass Randomly Awarded Between Two)
      • Top 7: Augir (102), Odis (102), Mayasar (100), Azunar (99), Maxion, Shayra, and Lukeera (98) (Cucumber seed randomly awarded to those in the tie to make 7 prizes I *think* based on what nikara posted in event channel.)
        • Cut off for top 21 is 51 Points
  • Gourmands
    • 1st dymo (1983)
      • Top 7: Gumby (1916), Lizzi (1869), Myasar (1822), qwu (1795), merek (1732), Dana (1663)
        • Cut off for top 21 is 1508.
  • Lotteries
    • Emerald Lightbox - kija
    • Sapphire Lightbox - BlueGrass

Results Log

nikara: winnerreport

nikara: categorie chef

nikara: top place with each 105 points are Amy and Sabina

nikara: remember the top prize will be given out randomly

nikara: top seven are Augir (102), Odis (102), Mayasar (100), Azunar (99) and with (98 ) each Maxion, Shayra and Lukeera

nikara: remember ame here the last top seven prize will be given out randomly under the players with 98 points

nikara: cut off 21 is with 51 points

nikara: categorie gourmands

nikara: top place with 1983 dymo

nikara: top seven are Gumby (1916), Lizzi (1869), Myasar (1822), qwu (1795), merek (1732) and Dana (1663)

nikara: cut off top 21 with 1508

nikara: unfortunatly i have no informations about the cut off 49

nikara: lottery prize emerald lightbox won by kija

nikara: lottery prize sapphire lightbox won by BlueGrass

nikara: th prize must be in your pockets, in case any proplem send me a pm

nikara: congratulations to the winners

nikara: thank you all for participation




markerCirBlcircle.png denotes food locations
markerCirGrcircle.png denotes Masterpieces

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Sanitation was not a factor for some.