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|17|| ella||Not started (ready to build)
|17|| ella||Not started (ready to build)
|18|| Bryce||Twiddling Thumbs
|18|| Bryce||Twiddling my Thumbs (Ready 2 Build)
|19|| Shemei||Not started (mats ready)
|19|| Shemei||Not started (mats ready)

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  • Put your name on the list
  • Wait for the person before you in the list to build their obelisk
  • Open a chat with the person before you and after you in the list
  • Wait for the person before you to tell you they have passed
  • Build your obelisk and update wiki
  • When you pass update wiki and tell the person next in the list that you have passed

Note: Person who places last material in the construction site owns the obelisk, and they cannot be transferred. This is the most common cause of 'mishaps'. Take care.

If you see I have 'jumped' the 'queue', this is because you weren't online and ready when it was your turn Qazedsaw 00:03, 13 December 2011 (EST)

    • Because of the difference in time zones, and also work schedules, someone may not be precisely online at the very moment the other person has passed. I believe that a fair time margin should be given to those that are not present at the time the previous citizen obelisk has passed. PetrusIV December 15th at 13:30 EST.

DoS Queue

Height Character Status
8 Vax Passed
9 Kanixihk Passed
10 Larame Passed
11 Chet Passed
12 Axhakumu Passed
13 PetrusIV Built and on timer
14 Mariamom Not started
15 Anupsa Not started
16 Adonais Not started (ready to build)
17 ella Not started (ready to build)
18 Bryce Twiddling my Thumbs (Ready 2 Build)
19 Shemei Not started (mats ready)
20 Obol Not started (mats ready)
21 WillaimRoberts Gathering Mats
22 Codex ready to build