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Type Location Region Status Primary Gearbox Secondary Gearbox
Canary Granite 1700, 3433 RP collapsed
Canary Granite 1732, 3423 RP collapsed
Oyster Shell 1591, 3582 RP new C178-C196 C446-C526 H16-H18
White Alabaster -2204, 3880 DoS new E160-176 B187-211 G212-240
White Travertine -1716, 3848 DoS collapsed, needs salvage removed
White Travertine -1889, 3808 DoS collapsed, needs salvage removed
Puzzle Granite -2240, 3855 DoS collapsed
Monkey Marble 982, 4077 RP collapsed, needs salvage removed removed
Angel stone 298, 4173 new A385-A450 C422-C477 G84-G104
White Travertine -1924, 3751 DoS new, guilded H350-389 A125-145 F364-437
White Travertine -1875, 3742 DoS new, guilded H72-82 A37-46 F399-459
Canary Granite -1905, 3730 DoS new, guilded G32-37 C302-362 G336-396
Canary Granite -1860, 3691 new, guilded A417-480 B89-101 H40-49
Canary Granite -1592, 3656 DoS collapsed
Canary Granite -1972, 3611 DoS new, guilded F108-119 A316-389 G193-235
White Alabaster -2248, 3839 DoS new guilded A325-374 C35-39 G236-271
Night Granite -1763, 3570 DoS new, not guilded G222-260 D17-20 F335-379
Puzzle granite -2497, 3820 DoS collapsed and sign up removed removed
Monkey granite -2192, 3751 DoS collapsed , needs sign removed removed
Blood Granite -1991, 4007 DoS collapsed, sign up removed removed
Puzzle granite -2493,3821 DoS NEW F375-424 C362-442 H216-251
Blood Granite -1801, 4014 DoS Collapsed, sign up removed removed
Mountain granite -1754, 3860 DoS NEW C272-307 B45-54 H410-496
Green Sun -1987, 3868 DoS NEW E169-186 B402-478 G52-60
Green Sun -1812, 3872 DoS NEW A290-331 D417-500 F151-184
Green Sun -1904, 3829 DoS NEW H313-360 A50-62 H229-284
Green Sun -1967, 3811 DoS NEW C106-120 C432-531 G471-546