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Incense is created in a Scent Lab from Cactus Sap, Charcoal, and optional additives (Herbs, Resins, and Rose of Ra Petals). It can be used to give a temporary stat adjustment (plus one stat, minus another) to characters in its vicinity using an Incense Burner.

In this tale, the Guild SmelliVision is dedicated to Incense Research.


Incense is created in a Scent Lab. In order to start a batch, you need 20 Cactus Sap and 4 Charcoal. At any time you can "Burn a little pinch of the mixture", which will show you the various properties of the batch in progress. If you have an Incense Prong, you may optionally throw in additives in the form of Resins, Herbs, or Rose of Ra Petals. When you are satisfied, you can "Take the Incense" to take your batch of 20 Incense, at which point you will have the opportunity to give it a name.

How to use it

Incense can be burned inside a compound in an Incense Burner, or outdoors in a Windproof Incense Burner. The length of time for which it will burn is determined partly by the type of Burner used, but mostly by the quality of the Incense. You will get a message in main when you light it telling you how long it will last. For a standard incense burner (both indoors and outdoors) incense lasts for Quality * 4 in seconds, and twice as long in a long-lasting incense burner.

Once the incense is lit, anybody within ?? coordinates may "catch a heady whiff" of it, which affects two stats (one positively, one negatively), and may be useful for certain tests. The game checks if you should get a whiff once every 60 teppyseconds, so if the incense burns for less than that, you may not catch a whiff at all. The magnitude of the stat change depends on the quality of the incense:

Quality Stat Change
0 0
1-499 1
500-749 2
750-873 3
875-926 4
958-959 5
968-983 6
984-1000 7

How it works

Incense has 4 properties that are affected by a random factor at the start, and by the additives included during the batch. These properties are:

  • Scent. Scent is affected by the Herbs added to the batch. Observed scents this telling: Citrus, Clover, Honey, Jasmine, Musk, Opium, Oriental Spices, Patchouli, Pine, Sandalwood
  • Feeling. The feeling is affected by the Rose of Ra Petals added to the batch. Observed feelings this telling: Gentle, Giddy, Invigorating, Joyous, Melancholious, Mischievous, Relaxed, Suspicious, Troubled, Vengeful
  • Affected Stats. Every batch of Incense affects two different stats: one positively, one negatively. These are affected by the Resins added to the batch. The positive stat is obvious enough, but the negative stat may not be immediately recognizable if you're new to Incense. Here's how they map:
Description Negative Stat
Clumsiness Dexterity
Confusion Perception
Forgetfulness Focus
Fragility Constitution
Lethargy Endurance
Sluggishness Speed
Weakness Strength
  • Quality. Quality affects the burn duration of an Incense, as well as the strength of its effect. It is determined by how close the hidden values of the incense line up with the ideals for the given properties. Don't worry if that doesn't make much sense; it will be explained in detail below.

The properties can be determined at any point while the batch is being made by "Burning a little pinch of the mixture", and is also displayed to each character that comes under the influence of the Incense. It produces a message like this:

You catch a whiff of quality ((QUALITY)) ((SCENT)) scented incense.
You are filled with a ((FEELING)) ((POSITIVE STAT)), yet a bit of ((NEGATIVE STAT)).

Useful Links

The Incense starts table can be used in most cases to find your start points in all three planes without needing to use any additives.

The Incense recipe tables make it simple to make very high quality incense, by providing recipes that you can follow from the various starting points.

Required By

Incense Burner

Produced By

Scent Lab