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Sinai Obelisk Queue

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  • Put your name on the list
  • Wait for the person before you in the list to build their obelisk
  • Open a chat with the person before you and after you in the list
  • Wait for the person before you to tell you they have passed
  • Build your obelisk and update wiki
  • When you pass update wiki and tell the person next in the list that you have passed

Note: Person who places last material in the construction site owns the obelisk, and they cannot be transferred. This is the most common cause of 'mishaps'. Take care.

Timer script is on armeagle; Desert Obelisks need to remain the champion for 56 (teppy)hours (one game week) to pass.

Sinai Desert Obelisk Queue

Height Character Status
8 Yauddhya Passed, 2011-12-16 06:30 GMT
9 Waerloga Passed, 2011-12-18 22:00 GMT
10 JosS Passed 2011-12-21 12:30 GMT
11 Tortellini Passed 2011-12-24 02:30 GMT
12 Soylas Passed 2011-12-26
13 Anka Passed 2011-12-29 08:18 GMT
14 Macrodamia Passed 2011-12-31 22:30 GMT
15 Zahariel Passed 2012-1-4 11:30 PST
16 Koinif Passed 2012-1-7 01:46 PST
17 Ysiris Passed 2012-1-9 10:45 MST
18 JaseDavvin Passed 2012-1-13 01:10 MST
19 mygrane Jumped
25 mygrane Passed
26 tuttom Passed
27 lorraine Passed
28 Judd Passed
29 Lotus Passed
30 sana Passed
30 Muridae Passed
32 Hatsheput Passed
33 Hatheput Passed
34 Ami-Rana Built 05/10/2012 0915 EDT

Sinai Metallic Obelisk Queue

Height Character Status
7 Daenerys Passed
8 TeaAira Passed

Sinai Cut Stone Obelisk Queue

Height Character Status
7 Jewel Passed

Sinai Hardwood Obelisk Queue

Height Character Status
7 Tabi Built March 8, waiting for pass