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Bulk {{{bulk}}}
Weight {{{weight}}}


{{Template:ItemInfo|weight=1|bulk=1|image=PinkBox.png|description=A pink box}}

The description is stored as semantic markup, and displayed on listing pages that include the item.

In order to keep the automatically generated lists on item and skill/technology pages up-to-date, annotate the first usage of each item, skill or technology with 'requires' as appropriate. For example:

   Boards are made from [[requires::Wood]] on a [[requires::Wood Plane]]  
or a [[requires::Carpentry Shop]].
   This requires the [[requires::Carpentry]] skill.

To have an auto-generated list of anything that requires this item added to the bottom of the item page, include the {{RequiredBy}} template. To have an auto-generated list of anything that produces this item, include the {{ProducedBy}} template.