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Google Maps is no more! (A brief history)

After Google deprecated version 2 of the Google Maps API all of the maps on the wiki broke. After along and drawn out process of trying to convert everything to version 3 of the Google Maps API the thought occurred to me that Google would deprecate v3 of the mapping API in the next 3-6 years and the cycle would repeat! So rather than trusting Google again (fool me once) I decided to look for a stand alone mapping API that wouldn't be dependent on any external services.

After looking at various APIs I settled on the Leaflet API. It's small, fast and most importantly: completely self contained. After learning the new API and using Shroomdar 2 as my test bed I was able to get every thing working. After that I started looking for a MediaWiki mapping extension that used Leaflet and discovered MultiMaps. By running a local MediaWiki wiki I was able to modify the extension to use the ATITD tile set and coordinate system.

The next step was to install it on the server. That failed. The MultiMaps extension used conventions that required a newer version of PHP than the server was running. So rather than using third-party PHP packages or doing a complete OS upgrade I decided to write a brand new MediaWiki extension. I've tried to make it MOSTLY compatible with the prior Google Map extension syntax. But there are differences. Hopefully these bugs will be slowly ironed out and we'll gain additional functionality. This page is an attempt to document the new extension.

Please use the discussion tab for thoughts or suggestions.


Known Issues

  • None!

Egypt Maps Introduction

The <egypt> tag allows wiki users to create zoom-able, pan-able maps of Egypt with customized markers.

Simply add the following on a wiki page to create a default map:


Or for backwards compatibility:


This will generate a map like:

Map Customization / Tag Attributes

To customize the map you can set the following tags (attributes):

Command Default Description Options
tale 6 Which Tale to display? Legal values: 1, 2, 3, 4, 4b, 5 and 6.
width 512 Width of the map in pixels.
height 1024 Height of the map in pixels.
lat 1024 The center latitude (x) on the map.
lon 0 The center longitude (y) on the map.
zoom 2 Default zoom level. Game Map Legal values: 1 to 8 - only tales T5 and up contains data on levels 7 and 8. Non-game: 1 to 18 (varies based on service and location)
mode game Option to change map services. Legal values: game or osm (OpenStreetMap), mapq (MapQuest standard) and mapqoa (Mapquest Open Aerial).
showposition yes Show x,y coords under the mouse. Will show latitude and longitude on non-game maps.
Clicking on the coordinates window will bring up an input window.
A marker will appear at the entered coordinates.
Clicking on the marker will remove it from the map.
Legal values: yes and no.
showregion yes Shows the region name under the mouse. Only T4 - T6 game maps are supported.
Note: Does not work on non-game maps.
Legal values: yes and no.
showmeasure yes Adds a measuring control to the map to mark a path and show distances in coords.
Note: Does not work on non-game maps.
Legal values: yes and no.
showzoom yes Adds a zoom control to the map. Legal values: yes and no.
showfullscreen yes Adds a control to allowing viewing the map in full screen mode. Legal values: yes and no.
icons (see description) URL template for custom markers.
Default: /wiki/tale5/images/markers/marker{label}.png
Use "{label}" where the name of the icon will be inserted.
icon (see description) URL for markers without an icon specified.
Default: /wiki/tale5/images/markers/marker.png
Default icon to use if one isn't defined.
iconsize 32x32 Height and width of the icons
iconanchor 10,32 Height and width of the icon anchor point Useful when using non-local markers.
autosizeicons yes Automatically adjusts icon size for locally hosted markers.
Disable this if using external markers!
Legal values: no or yes
scrollwheel zoom Define how the scroll wheel behaves. Legal values: nothing or zoom.
mouseoverpopup no Show marker popups on marker mouseover.

Note: Usage can make links in popups impossible to click!

Legal values: no or yes

Commands no longer supported

Command Desc Options
cursor Which mouse cursor to use on the map? Legal values: pointer (hand), default (standard mouse cursor) and crosshair.
stroke Width of paths, in pixels. Does not work in game maps.
scale Show the scale? Legal values are yes and no.
overview Show the inset navigation map? Legal values are yes and no.
selector Show the map/hybrid/satellite selector Legal values are yes and no.
type The type of map to display. Game Maps: game - Shard A, gameb - Shard B, Normal Google Maps: normal (or, equivalently, map) - Normal Google Map, terrain, hybrid, and satellite.
controls Zoom and navigation controls. Legal values: small creates +/- zoom buttons, medium has zoom buttons and pan buttons, large has pan buttons with a sliding scale for zoom, and none has no buttons.
doubleclick What to do when the user double-clicks? Legal values: recenter or zoom.
zoomstyle How does the map zoom? Legal values: fast and smooth, also known as continuous zooming (only works in some browsers).


In the content of the tag, you can define one marker per line.

Each line may or may not start with an icon name in parentheses.

The line should then have the latitude (x), then a comma, optionally a space, then the longitude (y), then a comma, then text for the popup window.

The popup text can include wiki mark-up (and commas). Long sections of text may be split over several lines using a backslash (\) at the end of the line.

A list of markers is available on Mayanahs map page. now hosts local copies of most of the icons Mayanah graciously provided.

These are used by default if the icons tag is not provided; the icons follow the same naming convention on Mayanahs page.

Click here to show all locally hosted markers: or visit Rogarian/GoogleMapMarkerTest which shows all 1461 locally stored pins (Warning: will be VERY slow!).

Marker Usage Example:

<egypt zoom="2" height="512" lon="0" showposition="yes" scrollwheel="nothing">
(GH) 700,600, This text is in the popup!
400, 400, More popup text.  It can contain '''wiki markup''' text.<br>\
Also, text can be split over multiple lines as long as the<br>\
last character is a backslash (\).<br>\
It can also contain "quotes".<br>\
[ MediaWiki Link]
(S) 100, 100, Popup Text Goes here

Customized Icons

You can host your own collection of icons on your server, but note that they'll have the same anchor points as's default icon (32x32).

Otherwise make sure you disable autosizeicons and specify the iconsize and iconanchors.

To use your icons, add an icon attribute to your maps like this:

<egypt lat="42.711618" lon="-73.205112" zoom="2" 

Mayanah has some instructions for using an alternate set of icons map here and a set of Mine Specific icons and Quarry Specificon the same page.

Drawing Commands

Command Description Options
line path option1:value, option2:value, ... optionN:value[\]
[popup text]
Draws a line along a path. Path format: coordx1,coordy1:x2,y2:x3,y3:...xN,yN
rect boundary option1:value, option2:value, ... optionN:value[\]
[popup text]
Draws a rectangle defined by boundary. Boundary: coordx1,coordy1:x2,y2
poly boundary option1:value, option2:value, ... optionN:value[\]
[popup text]
Draws a filled in polygon defined by boundary. Boundary format: coordx1,coordy1:x2,y2:x3,y3:...xN,yN
circ x,y radius option1:value, option2:value, ... optionN:value[\]
[popup text]
Draws a filled circle defined by coords and radius. Format: coordx1,coordy1 radius

Popup text is optional. They are the same as markers except the popup text begins on the second line.

The popup text can include wiki mark-up (and commas). Lines may be split using a backslash (\).

Drawing Options

Option Type Default Desc
stroke Boolean true Whether to draw stroke along the path. Set it to false to disable borders on polygons or circles.
color String '#03f' Stroke color.
weight Number 5 Stroke width in pixels.
opacity Number 0.5 Stroke opacity.
fill Boolean depends Whether to fill the path with color. Set it to false to disable filling on polygons or circles.
fillColor String same as color Fill color.
fillOpacity Number 0.2 Fill opacity.
dashArray String null A string that defines the stroke dash pattern. Doesn't work on canvas-powered layers (e.g. Android 2).

It's a list of comma separated <length>s and <percentage>s that specify the lengths of alternating dashes and gaps.
If an odd number of values is provided, then the list of values is repeated to yield an even number of values.
Thus, 5,3,2 is equivalent to 5,3,2,5,3,2.

lineCap String null A string that defines shape to be used at the end of the stroke.

Legal values: butt, round or square.

lineJoin String null A string that defines shape to be used at the corners of the stroke.

Legal values: butt, round or square.

Note: String types must be enclosed in singles quotes: 'string'

Example Maps

Good Default Settings

<egypt zoom=1 width=256 height=512>

Map Drawing Examples

line -1000,4790:-1000,8190:0,8190:0,4790:-1000,4790 color:'#ff0000', lineCap:'round', weight:10
rect 2500,6800:4800,4600 color:'#00ff00', weight:1
poly 2300,-5500:3200,-3400:4500,-6400 color:'#ff00ff', dashArray:'15, 10, 5, 10, 15'\
The Egyptian Triangle?<br><br>\
Is there such a thing?<br><br>\
Check [ Google!]
circ 0,0 450 color:'#000000'
circ -1500,-4000 600 color:'#0000FF', fill:false\
line -1500,-3200:-1500,-4800 color:'#ff0000', opacity:1\
line -2300,-4000:-700,-4000 color:'#ff0000', opacity:1\

Map Boundries Examples

# Four Corners
line -1000,4025:-1000,4790:200,4790:200,4025:-1000,4025 color:'#ff0000'
# Valley of Kings
line -3070,4190:-3070,8190:-1000,8190:-1000,4190:-3070,4190 color:'#ff0000'
Must draw this on top of adjoining areas so it's on top in the z-order
# Cat's Claw Ridge
line -1000,4790:-1000,8190:0,8190:0,4790:-1000,4790 color:'#0000ff',opacity:1\
This is a pop for the blue line.<br>\
This is the more text for the blue lines popup.
# Cradle of the Sun
line 2700,-1400:2700,740:4900,740:4900,-1400:2700,-1400 color:'#ff0000'
# Midland Valley
line 800,4600:800,5500:1750,5500:1750,4600:800,4600 color:'#ff0000'
# Seven Lakes
line -400,-4100:-400,-100:2700,-100:2700,-4100:-400,-4100 color:'#ff0000'
# Eastern Grounds
line 3505,-8100:3505,-4100:4900,-4100:4900,-8100:3505,-8100 color:'#ff0000'
# Lake of Reeds
line 3450,6000:3450,8190:4990,8190:4990,6000:3450,6000 color:'#ff0000'
# River Plains
line 200,1440:200,4600:1800,4600:1800,1440:200,1440 color:'#ff0000'
# Sinai
line 2170,3700:2170,6000:4200,6000:4200,3700:2170,3700 color:'#ff0000'
# South Egypt
line -910,-8190:-910,-4100:3505,-4100:3505,-8190:-910,-8190 color:'#ff0000'
# Desert of Shades
line -3070,-600:-3070,4025:200,4025:200,-100:-400,-100:-400,-600:-3070,-600 color:'#ff0000'
# Old Egypt
line 200,5200:200,7900:1505,7900:1505,5500:800,5500:800,5200:200,5200 color:'#ff0000'
# Desert of Nomads
line 1505,5500:1505,7600:2170,7600:2170,5200:1750,5200:1750,5500:1505,5500 color:'#ff0000'


All of Egypt, Square

<egypt zoom=1 width=512 height=512>

All of Egypt, Square, No visual controls

<egypt zoom=1 width=512 height=512 showfullscreen=no showzoom=no showposition=no showregion=no showmeasure=no>

MapQuest Example

<egypt zoom=11 width=512 height=512 mode=mapqoa lat=29.9792 lon=31.1344>

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