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Bleeding Hand Mushroom

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Bleeding Hand Mushroom

A type of Mushroom.

Copied from Tale 3 Wiki, Bleeding Hand Location/Info: Rocky mountains Known Spawn Time: 3:24 - 4:54 Location/Info: Rocky mountains or hills. Needed for: Cooking Level 2 tuition. Tale 1 Known Spawn Time: 3:00am-4:53am (some places spawn at 3:35am) Was used at a Toxin Kitchen to make Nut's Essence. Was needed for Botanical Identification 1 skill tuition.

Bleeding Hand Mushroom


  • Nomad's Paradise -2081, 3081; Discovered: Year 1 Akhet II-13 3:45am - 4:45am
  • Meroe 1095, -4480; Discovered Year 1, Akhet IV-10 ~4:10am - 4:50am
  • Falcon Bay 4784, -1001; Discovered Year 1, Peret I-2 ~4:10am - 4:50am



Spawn time valided at 3:36am. Disappears at 5:06am.
- Pretty sure it's actually 3:24am - 4:54am
- I can confirm it is 4:54am despawn time.
- I can confirm it is 3.24am spawn time.

Appears on and around rocky mountains in many regions.

Required By

Botanical Identification, Test of Towers