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Nomads' Paradise

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Formerly known as Desert of Shades, and not to be confused with Khmun, which was Fool's Paradise in the previous telling.

Local Guilds


If your interested in the research opportunities that the local Universities provide, more information can be found at the links below:


A map of Nomads' Paradise residents homes can be found at Residents Map. If you proudly claim to be a Nomad or even just have your home located in Nomads' Paradise you should be listed on the page below.

Nomads Paradise Residents

To add yourself to the NP residents category simply add [[Category:Nomads_Paradise_Residents|NAME]] to the bottom of your User page to declare your loyalties.

Areas of Interest

Points of Interest

Map Key

A = Common Altar
C = Shrine of Conflict
E = Essence of Harmony
F = Fireworks Stadium
H = Humble Priests' Altar
L = Limestone
S = Sulphurous Water
T = Tar
V = Voting Booth
W = White Sand
X = Expedition Site