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Shrine of Conflict

From A Tale in the Desert
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Shrine of Conflict.png
Size N/A
Where Small Construction Site

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Used to access the Wepwawet Spirit Arena for various competitive games. It is meant as a community project.

To Build

Built in a Small Construction Site once the skill Conflict Shrine Construction has been learned.
Skill tuition is 1 Oyster Shell Marble

Arena Games

Conflict.jpg A long time ago, our ancestors knew of a discipline known as 'Conflict'.

In this discipline, players would challenge each other to battles of skill and strategy. The winners would be rewarded with powers over their fellow man, and increased status within the community.

Recently, it appears that knowledge of these games has been rediscovered within the ancient Arenas on the spiritual plane of Wepawet.

Below is a repository of our knowledge of the ancient games of conflict, and more recent knowledge on the modern variations as found in the Arenas.

The Games

Reflection : Challenge your opponent to a game of spacial awareness... Who'll make the last move?

Telepathy ('Tug') : A game of bluffing and deception - decide how to best trick your opponent into spending his points first, or surprise him with a show of force.

Haket's Rake : A game of strategy - outthink and outmaneuver your opponent!

Zhadu : Challenge your opponent to a strategic board game - but watch your flanks...

Yokir : Take part in a three-way card game of strategy and a big dose of luck.

Sevenblade : Use deadly weapons in a game of bluffing!

Kanivan Tak : Checkers, but better!

Witagog : Breed an army of deadly beetles and go to war!

Rite of Command : Array your troops and weapons to defeat your opponent!

Conflict Shrine Locations