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Sulphurous Water

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Sulphurous Water Dialog


Make sure you have Empty Jugs available to gather water. Then find a Sulphurous Water pool and use the normal Gather Water icon. You will get a different dialog option that confirms you are getting Sulphurous Water and not regular:



Here are the old locations from T3, if you can confirm or deny they exist in T4, please add above

Location T3 Region (& T3 Note) Status
-1524, 2230 Nomad's Paradise (Desert of Shades) Exists in T4
-2835, 4071 Nomad's Paradise (Desert of Shades) confirmed
-239, -2555 Khmun (Fool's Paradise) T4 Confirmed
-1280, -2838 Meroe (Kush) Exists in T4
3866, 2111 Sinai Confirmed in T4 NE
3018, 5196 Sinai CONFIRMED: stand on west side of lake
5050, 3258 Sinai This would be out in the ocean, not possible to exist?
5073, -115 Falcon Bay (Cradle of the Sun) Exists in T4
4705, -2372 Falcon Bay (Cradle of the Sun) Exists in T4
2563, -369 Saqqarah (Karnak) Still there get on small island to reach it
1913, 990 Shabbat Ab (Seven Lakes) (approachable from the South and North) Confirmed. Sulfurous Water only available 1913 - 1915, 988 - 990. If you don't get Sulfurous Water at one location, move a little and try again. Confirmed Bastet.
-690, 1269 Khmun (Fool's Paradise) Confirmed T4 (try diffrent sides of the crater)
5089, 3899 Sinai (Only west side of pond is sulphurous) Confirmed, may need to move around a bit to find it.
2359, -4654 Meroe (Kush) Exists in T4
2827, -5438 Queen's Retreat (Khartoum) Exists in T4, but location is shifted slightly. See pin Q on google map + notes. Now QR 2812, -5438.
-1480, 5720 Heaven's Gate (Valley of the Kings) confirmed
-1750, 6330 Heaven's Gate (Valley of the Kings) confirmed
543, 4076 Stillwater - Really small spot. Bit of 542/543 works. Exists in T4, but only 542, 4076 worked for me

Required By

Acid, Breath of Isis, Desiccation, Desiccation/Bastet, Pursuit of Soul, Sulfur