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Requires Basic Chemistry to learn

School of Worship

School of Art & Music

School of Thought


The removal of water, e.g. dehydration.

Note: The three degrees of Desiccation are available at different citizen experience levels. The 1st degree may be learned at experience level 3, the 2nd at level 5, and the 3rd at level 7. The Schools may be visited in any order, but only one degree in Desiccation may be learned from each.


With Desiccation 1, 25 Sulfur can be made in a Kettle from 25 Sulphurous Water. (Note that to make sulfur in a Tub requires no Desiccation skill.)

With Desiccation 2, 3 Salt can be made from 25 Coconut Water.

With Desiccation 3, 3 Acid can be made from 1 Salt and 25 Sulphurous Water.

All three processes are done by boiling in a Kettle in the same manner as Potash (stoked). This does not require any additional water.