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Flower Fertilizer

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Bulk 1
Weight 1

Made in a Kettle, this is used to fertilize Flowers.

50 Flower Fertilizer is made from 1 catfish, 1 perch fish and 1 tilapia fish (plus 5 water and 5 wood to start the Kettle)

20 Flower Fertilizer is used on each fertilization of a flower.

The time between fertilizations is 2 hours.

If the Advanced Horticulture tech is known, enriched fertilizers can be created from Flower Fertilizer in a Kitchen

Required By

Black Syrup Fertilizer, Dawn of Ra Fertilizer, Geb's Bounty Fertilizer, Harvest Elixir, Liquid Sun Fertilizer, Sticky Sun Fertilizer

Produced By

Fish, Kettle