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Iron Knot Mushroom

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Iron Knot Mushroom

A type of Mushroom.

Copied from Tale 3 wiki, Iron Knot Known Spawn Time: 3:36am-5:06am Known Spawn Time: 3:36-5:06 Location/Info: On or near rocky terrain, spawns in groups of 5 but often has many, many groups nearby. Arguably the most common 'shroom in Egypt. Similar to Cobra's Hood. Needed for: Ante for Heket's Rake courts (one per person) Was needed for Botanical Identification 1 skill tuition.

Iron Knot Mushroom


  • Falcon Bay 3533, -370; Discovered: Year 1 Akhet II-10 3:53am
  • Falcon Bay 4200, -500 this entire mountain & the area surrounding it.
  • Nomad's Paradise -2081, 3081; Discovered: Year 1 Akhet II-13 3:45am - 4:45am
  • Nomad's Paradise -2081, 3081; Discovered: Year 1 Akhet II-24 3:36am - 5:06am. This area is a GOLD MINE for Iron Knot, though BH was also present in the lower-lying parts of the mountains. I collected 130 and there will still many more waiting to be picked. I witnessed both the appearance and the disappearance of this harvest, so I know these times are accurate! --DaSwish
  • Shabbat Ab 1713, 1723 Near the SBody
  • Shabbat Ab 1713, 1902 All around both mountain peaks


Required By



Appears at 3:38 AM Disappears at 5:06 AM


Spawn Time: 3:36am - 5:06am
Iron Knot are found in mountains.  They form spawns over large areas.