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Map of Scarab Gardens/Bastet

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Main Shard Bastet T5 Beta

Beetlemania a guild for everything beetle related.

Scarab Gardens

Beetle Garden Status

Location Level Status Notes
1440, 1775, Shabbat Ab Level One Empty
620, -6184, Queens Retreat Level One Empty
4320, -770, Falcon Bay Level One Empty
-1447, 2723, Nomad's Paradise Level One Empty
-2068, -487, Khmun Level One Judging
676, -859, Saqqarah Level One Empty
824, -3661, Meroe Level One Empty
834, 7080, Adn Level One Empty
-400, 6550, Cat's Claw Ridge Level One Empty
3179, 4397, Sinai Level One Empty
4250, 7657, Pyramid Lakes Level One Empty
1366, 3157, Stillwater Level One Placing Beetles, 4 Slots Remain
-1701, 6315, Heaven's Gate Level One Empty
1003, -3828, Meroe Level Two Unknown
843, 6610, Adn Level Two Unknown
939, 1101, Shabbat Ab Level Two Judging
1247, 4388, Stillwater Level Three Placing Beetles, 4 Slots Remain