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Welcome to Beetlemania, home of beetle breeders and bug lovers (and a few bugs too).


Latest Breaking News!
By Merit

Anyone knowing of news about beetles, whether it's a new pattern discovered or the latest scarab garden winners (with pics please), please contact the webmaster or Merit. Thanks!

Who we are

Beetlemania was created to provide a central home for those that wished to share their knowledge of beetle breeding as well as hear and learn from the experiences of others.

Anyone with a love of beetle breeding, from the novice to the expert, is welcome to join us and our motley crew.

Beetlemania is a strong supporter of the beetle garden competitions and highly encourages its members to go and vote when active ones open up.


We only have one real rule. That everyone within respect one another while realizing that people are different.


Our guildhall is currently located in Saqqarah @ 702, -965 right next to the Chariot Stop.


We have a facility with 4 terrariums specifically for the purpose of showing off your beetles and trading. These terrariums are not for use with breeding. The facility is located right next to our guild hall.

Current Projects

These will be listed as they occur.

Current Scarab Shows

For active and filling gardens

Location Coordinates Level Current status
Sinai 3180, 4397 1 Filling - 1/7
Khmun -2068, -489 1 Filling - 0/7
Meroe 824,-3661 1 Filling - 3/7
Saqqarah 676, -858 1 Voting - 7/49
Shabbat Ab 1440, 1775 1 Filling - 0/7
Shabbat Ab 939,1101 2 Voting Completed
Stillwater 1366,3157 1 Voting - 41/49

Current Members

Active membership count: (27/50)


Ari | Bryce | Afrah | Basmati


Amarna | Ashanu | Eclypse | Inyidd | Merit | Neith | Oshibel | Oznogg | Reese | Saxamon | Silva | Snoerr | Socordia | Soldano

Member Showcase

Follow the following link to get to a page showing our members favored and current works with beetles.
All beetles shown are private works and have either already gone through a contest or will not be entering one.
Member beetle photos are limited to 4 per person.
You can find the pictures here.

Useful Links

Breeding Tips

Here those within the guild can put their tips for breeding that would complement the intro guide. When posting tips, please do so in bullet form and end your tip with your name.

  • One method of refining a pattern on your beetle is to breed it with another beetle that has a very similar geometric pattern to it. - Jeremiah
  • The best way (one of) to get good looking beetles is to keep mix breeding with other peoples beetles(save your %100's to bring up the % number though!) - Ari
  • If you are going to be away for awhile, make sure to remove your beetles from the terrarium so that you don't run out of cabbage. -
  • Another good way to bring your owner percentage up is to breed your wild beetles together. They will produce some patterned and/or colored beetles that will be 100% yours. Then breed those to your works of art that are lower ownership percentage to raise the percent and possibly pick up the patterns/colors you are working with. - Ari via Merit
  • Note that if you leave your beetles in a terrarium longer than three or four hours, especially if there are lots of them, you run the danger of them eating each other. - Merit

Beetlemania's webmaster is Saxamon.
He can be reached via email by clicking [mailto: here] .