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Fish are caught in bodies of water using a Basic Fishing Pole and the Fishing skill. The types of fish are listed here along with their map key:

  • Abdju Fish (A)
  • Carp Fish (R)
  • Catfish (C)
  • Chromis Fish (H)
  • Malapteru (M)
  • Oxyrynchus Fish (O)
  • Perch Fish (P)
  • Phagrus Fish (G)
  • Serpent Fish (S)
  • Tilapia Fish (T)
  • Shelomits Puffer -- found Year 2, Perets III-9

note: for Malapteururus fish you need a Huntsman's Fishing Pole

Research and Tuition

  • 1000 Carp Fish are required for Barley Cultivation
  • 2000 Catfish, Tilapia, and Perch are needed for unlocking Horticulture
  • Large amounts of the fish varieties are required for Taxidermy
  • 400 each of Carp, Perch, Catfish, Tilapia, Chromis, Oxyrynchus, Abdju, and Phagrus fish needed for viticulture



Fishing locations (incl. types) are marked below.

If you are unsure what region the coordinates are, then enter them at Region Finder for the region name.

Note: I have found that, on Bastet shard, these coordinates are accurate if you offset them about (0,30). - zhennTil


Required By

Flower Fertilizer, Grilled Fish, Grilled food, Grilled food/Bastet