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Main Shard Bastet T5 Beta

Research Costs

Research At

University of Worship

* Pre-requisite: Blacksmithing

Opened In

to open in more regions, blacksmithing must be unlocked. Stillwater and Sinai are underway. If you want to unlock the next vine type, please donate to blacksmithing. Stillwater is the closest right now.


Allows the growing of grapes. You need the Viticulture skill to build a Vineyard. Once you learn that, you need a Vine Cutting to plant in the vineyard. You can tend the vineyard to grow grapes or change the various values (acidity, color, skin) of the vine, and you can take cuttings to grow more vines.

See the Wine Guide.


  • Level required to learn: 5
  • Teachable in: 7 lessons