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Research/Queen's Retreat

From A Tale in the Desert
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University of Architecture

Alternative Fuels - OPEN

Improved Brick Rack Construction - OPEN

Mining - OPEN

Obelisk Construction - OPEN

Stonecutting - OPEN

Stonemasonry - OPEN

Basic Metal Treatment

Chemistry Recipe - Lime Emulsion


Obelisk Construction 2

Pyramid Construction

Stonemasonry 2

Wood Treatment

University of Art and Music

Advanced Blacksmithing - OPEN

Advanced Glassblowing- OPEN

Blacksmithing - OPEN

Raeli Pottery - OPEN

Glassblowing - OPEN

Mass Production of Color - OPEN

Taxidermy - OPEN

The Science of Color - OPEN

Advanced Blacksmithing 2

Airship Construction

Chromatic Touch

Chemistry Recipe - Potash Ointment

Pyramid Construction

University of Body

Advanced Charcoal Production - OPEN

Aromatics - OPEN

Basic Charcoal Production - OPEN

Controlled Burn - OPEN

Dowsing - OPEN

Beer Brewing

Chemistry Recipe - Gem Glue


Pyramid Construction

University of Harmony

Advanced Metallurgy - OPEN

Advanced Metallurgy 2 - OPEN

Advanced Metallurgy 3 - OPEN

Casting - OPEN

Chariot Repair - OPEN

Deep Well Construction - OPEN

Fine Casting - OPEN

Metallurgy - OPEN

Metallurgy 2 - OPEN

Metallurgy 3 - OPEN

Advanced Metallurgy 3

Chariot Repair 2

Environmental Reclamation

Chemistry Recipe - Gear Oil

Offering Vault Construction

Pyramid Construction

University of Leadership

Guild Construction - OPEN

Sign Construction - OPEN

Papyrus Paper Fabrication

Pyramid Construction

Seed Registry

Stellae Construction

Chemistry Recipe - Arsenic

University of Thought

Advanced Chemistry - OPEN

Basic Chemistry - OPEN

Cross Breeding - OPEN

Hive Optimization - OPEN

Mutagenics - OPEN

Advanced Chemistry 2



Chemistry Recipe - Explosives


Pyramid Construction

Structural Pottery

Toxin Extraction

Water Mining

University of Worship

Advanced Animal Husbandry - OPEN

Advanced Horticulture - OPEN

Agriculture - OPEN

Animal Husbandry - OPEN

Avian Selection - OPEN

Barley Cultivation - OPEN

Beekeeping - OPEN

Entomology - OPEN

Gardening - OPEN

Herbiculture - OPEN

Horticulture - OPEN

  • Lily: Fracture

Viticulture - OPEN

Xenobotany - OPEN

Modern Sheep Farming


Pyramid Construction

Thistle Gardening