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Chariot Repair

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Main Shard Bastet T5 Beta

How it Works

After the Chariot Repair technology is unlocked, the Chariot Repair skill became available at the unlocking region's University of Harmony (see below for list of regions). Several people have traveled Egypt to teach this skill across all regions in order to open up Chariot Routes between regions. However, this is not something done with boards and bricks, but with sheer manpower.

Upon learning the skill you may travel to 1 Chariot Stop and throw your work behind repairing one route. Bear in mind every Region's Chariot options are different and you only get 1 vote ever. It will take approximately 25 total votes to successfully repair 1 Chariot Route. Also keep in mind that although you may have unlocked travel to your neighbor Region, the route home may not be open and you may need to run or Exploration Travel home.

Research Costs

Researched At

University of Harmony

Opened In


Chariot Repair 2 is not currently open anywhere. There are some pages linking it to this page.