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Environmental Reclamation

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Where Environmental Reclamation is Currently Available

  • Adn University of Harmony
  • Falcon Bay University of Harmony

Ownership Beacons

  • To set an Ownership Beacon, click Self>Special>Place an Ownership Beacon
  • In order to cure pollution, a beacon must be loaded with up to 7 Breath of Isis. Once loaded, the Beacon will begin to cure the effects of Fertility within its radius.
  • You can only move a beacon minimum 24 hours after it was placed and if its cure level is down to zero.
  • I think that the radius of the circle protected by the beacon is 17 coords (Nissim).
    • Correction: The area of affect of ownership beacons is actually a square and not a circle. (MrKarl)

Water Filter

Upgrading an Aqueduct Tower with a water filter requires:

Petition Wording

Introduced by Nesbaneded
Status: Failed Position, 6th Place, 53.807% in Favor (This particular law only needed a majority to become implemented)

Wahim's Petition

If voted YES by a majority, even if this is not the top vote-percentage bill, scientists at Egypt's Great Universities of Harmony will release the Environmental Reclamation technology for research.

Once completed, this allows construction of Land Ownership Beacons which both claim a 250 foot radius of land for their owner (individual, guild, or public) and dispense Breath of Isis, a cure for the poison caused by fertilizing vegetables.

Ownership Beacons, when nearby, prevent the use of fertilizer on vegetables.

Another facet of this technology is an Aqueduct Upgrade that aerates the water and rejuvenates the soil.

Research Cost