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5 Fertility is made in a Kitchen from:

Fertility is used to fertilize vegetables and flax in order to increase yields, causing long-lasting damage to the environment in the area where it is used.

Fertility was introduced to Egypt by a traveling merchant, Amenophthis.

To produce Fertility, first seed an empty Greenhouse with Elixir of Fertility. (The player will first need to "Turn under all plants.") The greenhouse will then begin to produce both Elixir of Fertility and Essence of Fertility in equal amounts. One deben of each will be produced every ?. The greenhouse can store unlimited amounts of Elixir and Essence but you will have take all of the products when you remove them from the greenhouse.

5 Debens of Essence of Fertility and 1 deben each of Cucumbers, Peppers, Eggplant and Watermelons can then be mixed in a kitchen in order to produce 5 debens of Fertility. The process takes one minute and the kitchen will be unavailable for other things will producing the Fertility. When the kitchen is done, remove the Fertility from the menu and plant vegetables or flax. If you have Fertility in your inventory, you'll get the option to fertilize the planting. Each planting requires one deben of fertilizer. After fertilization, a successful harvest will yield six times the normal harvest.

Each time you use fertility on flax or vegetables, it causes severe damage to the surrounding soil. After as little as 10 plantings with fertility, the soil will be so badly polluted that normal plantings (without fertility) will yield 0 flax or 0 vegetables. This pollution originally faded in 2-3 RL days. But on Jan-31, 2010, fertility was changed so that the pollution decayed 10 times more slowly. As a result, it now takes 3 or more RL weeks for a soil to clear.

A Greenhouse growing elixir of fertility can be switched back to growing grass by dumping the extract. This process also causes severe pollution around the greenhouse.

Fertility use can be blocked at aqueduct towers by installing water filters at the towers.

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