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Pigment Mortar

From A Tale in the Desert
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Bulk 1
Weight 1

A Pigment Mortar is used in the Test of Ritual Tattoo for gathering tattoo creation materials on your requirements list.


  • Made from 1 Oyster Shell Marble and 1 White Sand in your inventory.
  • Listed under Self >> Projects >> Tests >> Pigment Mortar.
  • You must give it a name when it is created, but this name can be changed later.

Once made, it can be picked up and dropped.

Pigment Mortars are tradeable and can be given to other players. Anything in them will not count for the new player but they can be cleaned and then used by the new owner per TheMazeEcho 14:44, 12 January 2010 (EST)


  • To add an herb, place the mortar on the ground beside the herb, click on the herb, select the option.
  • Resin can be added (from inventory) at any time after the herb is in place.
  • Powdered gem must be added (from inventory) at the specified location, after both herb and resin are inside.

The mortar may be inspected to see its current contents. Note, however, that the name of the herb will not be shown, so make sure you rename your mortar when you add the herb.

The mortar may also be cleaned out to remove all contents; you will get a confirmation first.

Required By

Test of the Ritual Tattoo, Test of the Ritual Tattoo/Bastet