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Queen's Retreat

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Formerly known as Khartoum, Queen's Retreat (QR) is the southern-most region in ATITD. The region can be divided into three sections. The northern-most section contains the chariot stop for the region and all schools, as well as the University of Body. There is a large collection of citizens in this area. The middle section of the region contains most of the Univerisites of QR, accessible by two roads that run north-south. The southern section of QR has another grouping of schools and citizens.


Public Facilities

Mixed Nuts Pub Works

Mixed Nuts has a large public works compound, just west of SThought

Other Pub facilities

Essence of Harmony near the CS

ZFree has kindly donated their Barrel Vice for public use, 217, -6151


Obelisk Queue

With the opening of the Metal Obelisk a polite agreement between residents has been established. Queen's Retreat Queue


Vault - Research Guild
Mixed Nuts


Weeknight Madness!

Weekdays 10PM CST. As RL allows... Near northern SThought. Typically a Dig where at least 25% of materials are distributed to diggers, signatures, intros, and teaching of techs is encouraged. Will expand to acro lines, and other fun. Contact Gwyr for details

Residents of Queen's Retreat

We started something like this in Sinai and in several guilds last tale. Please list your name here and a link to your user page so we can get to know you.

Epic Research

This is Queen's Retreat... It's always happening. Ask how you can help on regional chat.