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From A Tale in the Desert
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Main Shard Bastet T5 Beta

Formerly known as Upper Egypt.
For Stillwater on Bastet, see Stillwater/Bastet

Stillwater-Related Pages

Stillwater Guilds

Only guilds known to have a wiki page are listed.


Test of the Obelisk


  • You can find public Buildings of Stillwater Public Works at 1644, 3549
    • Anvil x 1
    • Gyration Cell Furnace x 4
    • Charcoal Hearth x 4
    • Improved Brick Racks x 10
    • Kettles x 10
    • Rock Saw x 5
    • Mason's Bench x 2
    • Master's Casting Box x 1
    • Master's Forge(Upgraded) x 1
    • Pottery Wheels x 8
    • Student's Casting Box x 1
    • Student's Forge(Upgraded) x 2
    • Flax Hammocks x 10
  • You can find public Buildings of Coastal Plains at 2335, 2966
    • Anvil x 3
    • Compression Furnace x 4
    • Glazier's Bench x 4
    • Improved Brick Racks x 20
    • Kettles x 9
    • Mason's Bench x 5
    • Master's Casting Box x 1
    • Master's Forge(Nail Upgrade) x 1
    • Pottery Wheels x 16
    • Rock Saw x 10
    • Student's Casting Box x 2
    • Student's Forge(Nail Upgrade) x 6
    • More to follow
  • Drying Rack x 10 (1560, 3280)(Opp UWorship)

There is currently a plan to make a public industry area:

  • It should be close to an Expedition Site for easy travel.
  • It should be located in the middle of the desert to lessen the effect of pollution.
  • A special guild will be created for this. It will need to be large so that all people in the area can belong to it.
  • Currently we have two possible locations for the guild:
    • Close to UThought.
    • Between UArch and SHarmony (closer to trees but farther from the expedition site).


I'll let the others choose whether or not they wish to add themselves.