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Main Shard Bastet T5 Beta

For Stillwater on the Original Shard, see Stillwater


Stillwater Research Page

Resource Locations

Tar Pit 1504, 4330

Limestone 1120, 3722

Public Facilities

You can find the public drying racks for papyrus at the top of a spiral-shaped mountain next to an altar at 1100, 3542

Shrine of Conflict - Just across from the Chariot Stop at 1390, 3099.

Essence of Harmony locations - south of Chariot Stop at 1402, 2942 and slightly north of UArch at 1673, 3987

Stillwater Guilds

Guilds/Still Waters Run Deep (SWRD), research and public works guild. GH 1441, 2937

Other Wiki Resources

Stillwater Obelisk Queue