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From A Tale in the Desert
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I first stumbled across A Tale in the Desert in the last two days of the second telling. Lost and confused I wandered in the desert as all the mentors had gone to the third telling Beta.

Intrigued enough by the idea of the story I ventured into T3 Beta and then int T3 live.

I'm happily married in game to my gamer chick real life wife Ellaia and we live at the source of the Nile in Queen's Retreat.



Avatar Numbers

Attributes Indulgence
Strength 7 Gastronomy 3
Dexterity 7 Beer Tasting 4
Endurance 0 Oenology 0
Speed 7 Fumeology 101
Constitution 0 0
Focus 0
Perception 1



Architecture Init Obelisk Towers Life Funerary Temple
Art Init Scarabs
Body Init Acrobat Safari Cicada Darkest Night
Harmony Init Marriage Prophet Reason
Leadership Init Kingmaker Mentorship
Thought Init Venery
Worship Init Vigil Pilgrim


Discipline Initiate Student Prentice Journeyman Scribe Master Sage Oracle
Architecture Init Obelisk Towers
Art Init
Body Init Safari Cicada Acrobat
Harmony Init Prophet
Leadership Init
Thought Init
Worship Init Pilgrim Vigil