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Ars Aegyptia

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Ars Aegyptia (AA)

Located in Sterope, west of the fork in the Nile (525, -1400)


  • Papy Drying Racks: (400, -1325)
  • Limestone: (600, -1630)
  • Warehouse: (1562, -965)
  • Smelting CP: (436, -1710)

Current Projects

Darkest Night

Please list the mushrooms that you need for the Darkest Night test. Everyone please look at this list as you are shrooming and let the person know if they are online if you come across any of the shrooms.

  • Sohgin
    • Dueling Serpents
    • Fish Hook
  • Tjut
    • Golden Sun
  • Arame
    • Bleeding Hand
    • Heart of Ash
    • Colts Foot
  • Aiko
    • Heaven's Torrent
  • Rahu
    • Sun Star
    • Peasant Foot (4/7)
    • Cat Nip
  • Detour
    • Spiderling
    • Fish Hook
    • Salt Water Fungus
  • Hapnutsheth
    • Golden Sun

Ritual Tattoo

Please list here the current herbs you need for the Ritual Tattoo test. Everyone please look at this list as you are herbing and let the person know if they are online if you come across one of the herbs.

  • Sohgin
    • Houseleek
    • Yava
    • Zanthoxylum (Might be impossible)
    • Mariae (Might be impossible)
    • Apothecary's Scythe
    • Pale Dhamasa
    • Pulmonaria Opal
  • Nekojin
    • Lilia
    • Ice Blossom
    • Moon Aloe
    • Houseleek
    • Morpha
    • Royal Rosemary
    • Thyme
  • Tjut

  • Arame
    • Joy of the Mountain got it, thanks all.
    • Blueberry Tea Tree
    • Blessed Mariae
    • Sugar Cane
    • Mirabellis Fern
    • Rubydora
    • Medicago
  • Rahu - Still looking for a good herb/location mix.
  • Hapnutsheth
    • Orris
    • Skirret
    • Lilia
    • Nubian Liquorice
    • Pitcher Plant
    • Hyssop
    • Jagged Dewcup

Water Mine

We need to find out what the best pitch is for our water mine. If you are able to stand next to the water mine for an entire hour and record how many gems it produces please list them here. At least 5 per pitch would be preferred.

Camp upkeep

Not sure what to work on? There are some recurring tasks around camp that need doing and we can always use your help with those. First off, please replace what you use. If everyone does this, no one will find empty cupboards. If you use a complex resource (such as metal or glass products) and you don't have the skill to replace the actual items, at least make sure there are enough basic resources so someone else can make more. This especially matters for secondary resources such as charcoal and glass. If you decide to practice something you may not be super-skilled at please make sure the resources you use are your own. Please keep in mind when you consume resources that someone else has put in time and effort to gather/create that resource.

Please try to vary tasks from the list so we don't end up with huge piles of one resource and none of the others. Timer jobs can be done while doing other stuff.

  • Regular camp tasks
    • Basic
      • picking and drying grass for the camels
      • gathering wood
      • cutting boards
      • growing vegetables for cooking and firepits
      • growing and processing flax for clothwork
      • growing and drying papyrus and flax for firepits
      • hauling copper and iron ore from the mines to the smelting warehouse
      • smelting metal (484 ore + 20 cc = 15 metal)
      • chipping limestone for glass production
      • gathering silt and clay
      • making bricks/firebricks
      • attend a dig - we always need cuttable and medium stones
      • gather coconuts - Coco Circuit
      • Harvest grass from the greenhouses.
    • Complex
      • making charcoal
      • boiling potash
      • running firepits
    • Things to do on timers, as you pass by.
      • Split coconuts (may need to gather)
      • Process a round of rotten flax (or weave linen/canvas)
      • Gather & fertilize the date tree
      • Replenish water/dung in tubs for saltpeter
      • Whittle tinder and pointy sticks for the firepits
      • Whittle barrel taps (needed for wine and beer later)
      • Gather resin and re-nick (only if you have a decent resin wedge) - local resin map

Guild Projects

  • A vigil
  • Building up the camp buildings as techs open up, obviously.
  • Livestock are currently up & breeding.
  • Checking and emptying apiaries once a day - check the time they were last checked and if it's under 12 hrs, don't touch.
  • Research?

Rahu's Projects

  • Buildings
    • Flax Gin (and then the upgrade)
    • Brick Machine (maybe)
  • Researching interests
    • Barley & Horticulture (though haven't done any since fishing seems like torture instead of fun)
  • Other

Aiko's Projects

  • Wine, wine, wine
  • Tasting table?
    • Glasses - I still need 2 glasses for the 2nd table, a 2.5-4k and a 5k.
  • Indonesian beehives
  • Fishing for research

Arame's Projects

  • MPs
    • 67-70 currently up
    • NOT at 49 gastro: Neko, Heath, Cross
    • At or above 49 gastro: Rahu, Tjut, Detour, Aiko, Sohgin
  • Quarrying
    • Decide what kind of shrine we want, build it.
  • Digging
    • Hit a +12 END recipe (lousy carry stats).
    • Bauxite & gypsum for concrete. We'll use portable food for that.
  • Upgrade Reactory
    • Steel ready; just waiting on appropriate tech.
  • Vault Kiln & Pottery Deck (at Public Works)
    • Vault Kiln: 15000 Firebricks, 50 Sheet Glass, 3 Thermometer
      • ready to build
    • Pottery Deck: 240 Boards, 500 Limestone, 60 Flystone, 200 Bearings, 300 Oil
      • 500 limestone
  • Gearbox Table
    • Gears
  • Thistle Gardens
    • Boatloads of boards, treated (5000 x2).
    • Boatloads of dirt (5000).
    • Copper Straps (300), Nails (1400).
    • Dung (3000).
  • Mechanics Tuitions
    • 49 Acid x how many people?
    • 600 malt (300 burnt, 300 raw)
    • Huge Sapphire + other gems
    • Cuttables? Probably not right away
    • 200 Rope, 200 Slate (easy)
    • 400 Concrete (definitely a 'later')
    • 1000 gold wire (100 gold, lots of forge time - maybe while running MCB?)
  • Build a PER recipe to scope out more marbles +20 PER recipe w/salt
  • Build a SPD recipe for fishing (will it do anything?)
  • Build a CON recipe for smoking (in process) +20 CON recipe w/salt
  • Build a Carry recipe
  • Build a neutral-carry END recipe?
  • Build a Dex recipe

Ideas for Camp Deco

  • Level ground around Rahu's CP
  • Level ground around Nekojin's CP
  • Replace 4 Elephantia trees with another tree type (royal, hawthorn, stout?) coconut?
  • Slightly enlarge sand spot near water
  • If possible, add sand near/under Olofath's CP for ease-of-glass
  • Statue on the island (which kind of statue? - a shark with laser beams of course)
  • Small pond/puddle near Arame's CP for kettling (maybe between Detour & Arame, tubs & kettles)
  • Fake papyrus all around our pond
  • More vegetation near the apiaries?
  • Flowers by Guild Hall cascading down hill

Anything else?