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Exploration Travel

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Exploration Travel (sometimes called Expedition Travel) allows one to quickly travel back to the Chariot system after a long run in the desert, or to one's rural home after a day in the city. Expedition Sites are fixed about 3 minutes run from the Chariot Stops. (A few are farther out.) If you are far away from a Chariot Stop, you may jump instantly to your Expedition Site. From your Expedition Site, you may jump to the location you have designated as your Home.

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Taught at the School of Harmony


First Degree (Available at (level 1))

Second Degree (Available at (level 15))


After learning Exploration Travel, you may register at one Expedition Site and pick another arbitrary location to be your home (Self > Navigation menu > Set home location).

  • The first time you designate a site or a home location, it will become active immediately.
  • Subsequent changes to your Expedition Site or home location will take a 2 hour delay to become active. During those 2 hours, you are unable to use Exploration Travel at all.

Exploration Travel consumes Travel Time that is accumulated while you are offline. The T4 cost was 8 seconds for each coordinate traveled, with a minimum of 30 minutes.

The options to travel and the amount of travel time you have available (in title of window) can be accessed from your Navigation menu.

With Lv. 1 in Exploration Travel, you can only travel home from a designated exploration site. You cannot travel home from exploration sites you happen to pass on a journey unless you have Exploration Travel Lv. 2.


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