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The art of filleting fish to make fish meat. There are five degrees, and filleting can be used without training.


Filleting can be done in a Kitchen or "in the field", even without formal training. (If you don't have "Fillet Fish..." in your Skills menu, you may need to fillet one fish in a kitchen first.)

When filleting in the field, a higher skill yields more fillets per deben of fish. (Filleting in a kitchen yields as much as if you had the maximum skill.) The filleting yield also depends on the freshness of the fish: you get the most fillets within one hour of the catch. After an hour, the fillet yield decreases over time. It appears that the best yield is 1:1 fillets per deben of fresh fish, achieved in a Kitchen.

Filleting 2 hours after the fish is caught will yield Rotten Fish instead of fillets.

Filleting often gives Fish Scales and Fish Oil. Each month, one type of fish will give Fish Roe, though only the larger fish sizes give any at all.

Source and Cost

Degree Level Req. School Cost
1 (level 3) School of Worship
2 (level 7) School of Worship
3 (level 12) School of Worship
4 (level 18) School of Worship
5 (level 25) School of Worship
6 (level 33) School of Worship
7 (level 42) School of Worship


Filleting is, like fish, odd to say the least. Not even the great scientists of Egypt can agree on how to handle fish, or what the best way to fillet them is. That is why at some point a few of them insisted that the best way to fillet a fish is by using a hatchet to chop them up in very small bits. Other scientists insisted that mushrooms should be involved when you fillet a fish. Probably for smoking. Of course, you can't fillet a fish when the fish is too cold or too hot compared to the ambient temperature, which is why you need some thermometers. a few to stick in the fish and a few more to see how hot or cold the air around you is. Now because you are pretty much molesting the fish in any way imaginable before you actually start filleting, there is hardly any roe left intact in the fish, which would explain why fish roe is so rare. -Mudkest

Time wears away the mysteries of science, and likewise powdered gems gently scrape away the nasty and non-useful bits of fish. At least that is what the scientists of Egypt have discovered. They hint that there may be one additional technique to get the maximum amount of fish meat possible, but only the wisest and most experienced Egyptians may even begin to contemplate this elusive and esoteric skill, as it requires level 42 to learn. - Blueshift