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Google Maps

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Google Maps

This wiki runs a modified version of the Google Maps extension for MediaWiki. The <googlemap> tag allows wiki users to create zoom-able, pan-able maps of Egypt with customized markers.

Simply add the following on a wiki page to create a default map:


This will generate a map like:


In the content of the tag, you can define one marker per line. Each line may or may not start with an icon name in parentheses. The line should then have the latitude (x), then a comma, optionally a space, then the longitude (y), then a comma, then a label for the point. The label can include wiki mark-up (and commas).

A list of markers is available on Mayanahs map page. now hosts local copies of most of the icons Mayanah graciously provided. These are used by default if the icons tag is not provided; the icons follow the same naming convention as Mayanahs page. Click here to show all locally hosted markers: or visit Rogarian/GoogleMapMarkerTest which shows all 1461 locally stored pins (Warning: will be VERY slow!).

Marker Usage Example:

<googlemap zoom="2" height="512" lon="0" controls="small" showposition="yes" showregion="yes" scrollwheel="nothing">
(GH) 700,600,here goes the title
400, 400, here goes the title, it can contain commas but not wiki markup
(S) 100, 100, here goes the title
first line of the caption
Second line of the caption, not that the caption can contain wiki markup like [[Resources]]

Some standardized icon suggestions


For mining, you can use the chemical symbols for better international recognition:

markerMtAl.png Aluminum markerMtSb.png Antimony markerMtCu.png Copper markerMtAu.png Gold markerMtFe.png Iron markerdiamond.png Gem (sand) mine
markerMtPb.png Lead markerMtLi.png Lithium markerMtMg.png Magnesium markerMtPt.png Platinum markerMtAg.png Silver
markerMtSr.png Strontium markerMtSn.png Tin markerMtTi.png Titanium markerMtW.png Tungsten markerMtZn.png Zinc

To use these in a Google Map data point, open the source for Maps/Public Mines/Legend, and use the text between 'marker' and '.png' for the icon name. (For example, the icon name for the aluminum symbol in the mining legend is MtAl.)

Tabbed Info Balloons

Each tab should have a plain-text title surrounded by inward-leaning slashes (like /this\) followed by a caption that can include wiki mark-up. Tabs will be attached to the previous marker. Example:

<googlemap zoom="2" height="512" lon="0" controls="small" showposition="yes" showregion="yes" scrollwheel="nothing">
(pyramid) 900,100
This is where a pharaoh is buried! ;) (Not really)
[ Click here] to get driving directions
Or just drive in a random direction

That will create a point whose info balloon has two tabs. Note that you can put as much or as little space as you'd like between the title and the caption to make the syntax more readable.

If a point has a regular caption and tabbed captions, clicking the point will only show the tabbed captions.

Example Map:

Map Customization / Tag Attributes

To customize the map you can set various tags (attributes). Legal attributes are (boldface items are defaults):

Command Desc Options
tale Which Tale to display? Legal values: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.
cursor Which mouse cursor to use on the map? Legal values: pointer (hand), default (standard mouse cursor) and crosshair.
width Width of the map in pixels. Defaults to 512 pixels.
height Height of the map in pixels. Defaults to 1024 pixels.
lat The center latitude (x) on the map. Defaults to 1024.
lon The center longitude (y) on the map. Defaults to 0.
zoom Default zoom level. Game Map Legal values: 1 to 8 (2 is default, only the T5 map contains data on levels 7 and 8).
type The type of map to display. Game Maps: game - Shard A, gameb - Shard B

Normal Google Maps: normal (or, equivalently, map) - Normal Google Map, terrain, hybrid, and satellite.

controls Zoom and navigation controls. Legal values: small creates +/- zoom buttons, medium has zoom buttons and pan buttons, large has pan buttons with a sliding scale for zoom, and none has no buttons.
showposition Show x,y coords under the mouse? Legal values: yes and no.
showregion Show the region name under of the mouse? Legal values: yes and no. Requires showpositions=yes; does not work in Tale 1, Tale 2 or Tale 3 maps.
icons URL template for custom markers. Use "{label}" where the name of the icon will be inserted; defaults to "/wiki/tale5/images/markers/marker{label}.png".
icon URL for markers without an icon specified. Defaults to "/wiki/tale5/images/markers/marker.png" marker.png
iconsize Height and width of the icons Defaults to: 32x32
doubleclick What to do when the user double-clicks? Legal values: recenter or zoom.
scrollwheel Define how the scroll wheel behaves. Legal values: nothing or zoom.
zoomstyle How does the map zoom? Legal values: fast and smooth, also known as continuous zooming (only works in some browsers).

Other Commands (Not useful for game maps):

Command Desc Options
stroke Width of paths, in pixels. Does not work in game maps.
scale Show the scale? Legal values are yes and no.
overview Show the inset navigation map? Legal values are yes and no.
selector Show the map/hybrid/satellite selector Legal values are yes and no.

All attributes are optional.

Customized Icons

You can host your own collection of icons on your server, but note that they'll have the same anchor points as's default icon (32x32). Check out Mapki's collection of icon images for a bunch of icons you can use. To use your icons, add an icon attribute to your googlemap-tags like this

<googlemap lat="42.711618" lon="-73.205112" zoom="2" controls="small" 

Mayanah has some instructions for using an alternate set of icons map here and a set of Mine Specific icons and Quarry Specificon the same page.

Example Maps

Good Default Settings

<googlemap zoom=1 width=256 height=512>

All of Egypt, Square

<googlemap zoom=1 width=512 height=512>

A real map of Egypt

<googlemap height="512" lat="29.980624" lon="31.134653" zoom="14" controls="medium" type="hybrid" selector="yes">
29.980624, 31.134653, PYRAMIDS

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