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Monument of Harmony



The monument construction site is located in Maia: 1100, -5300

It's approximately 1 minute run from the CS

There is a Guild Hall and 2 Warehouses for stashing. (I will work to expand the WHs)


Test of Promotion

Each week use an Essence of Harmony to predict who in Egypt will advance in rank.

You can only choose 1 person each week.

Your list is not reset each week. Your list will continue to grow over time.

You get points based on what rank each person you choose advances in rank.

Points are awarded based on rank achieved.

1 for student

2 for prentice

3 for journeyman

4 for scribe

5 for master

6 for sage

7 for oracle

Each week 3 people will pass after 3 weeks from when the test is opened.



  • Shiranai (confirmed)

Sage (2/2 confirmed)

  • Sheeba, Lilinou (confirmed)

Master (4/4 confirmed)

  • Avanya, Ruby, Memes, Wampak (confirmed)

Scribe (8/8 confirmed)

  • Kaiya confirmed, blondie, InambaGuum, TheMazeEcho, Rey, Nori, Renard, Turo (confirmed)

Journeyman (16/16 confirmed)

  • Anyolina, Hatsheput, Kitten, Nifa, kuupid, tiri, ysabeau, Azeron, blueshift, CHART, Jazkar, McArine, Osidion, Robare, Tamah, akc2 (confirmed)

Prentice (32/32 confirmed)

  • Beah, DianeLane, Emy, Jaylenaeybarre, Marlie, Mayanah, Monifa, Nika, Nitocris, NuitRehema, Panyea, Rehema, Sky, candi, Fahli, murtha, sekhmet, tamb, Ahkten, Akhbeer, BlueGrass, Drakkett, Hatheput, Justin, Moses, Nissim, Rimshot, Sun-Aj, Sune, Thunderstorm, Sahil, talos (confirmed)

Student (59/60 (64) confirmed)

  • Asheara, Asnath, Augusta, Bessodia, Deedee, Etma, Indyatep, Iy-Nefer, Jayn, Kerain, Lucka, Lyman, MEHI, Mariamom, Misty, Momra, Mortality, Myna, Nekbeer, Philadelphia, Sharae, Sitamun, StarGazeR, Tashienna, Zarosis, cate, choo, mommouse, Akhmanen, Almelkehdes, Arahgon, Artemis, Azeroteph, BL, Casino, Daniels, Dimsdale, Hekatef, JosS, Kaayru, Leghk, Mosi, Myn, Nurkii, Oni, Ozier, PetruxIII, PtolemyVII, Rabble, River, Shuyya, Taemon, Zildjan, darkfyre, dedenav, farmer, merek, tehm, testios (confirmed)
  • Vae

Materials needed

Material Need Have Pledged Notes: Please put your name and amount in pledge column
Bricks 500,000 500,000
Water 40,000 40,000 28300 empty jugs, 11700 water in jugs 9k zfree
Concrete 5,000 5,000
Cut Stone 4,000 4,000 akc2 (4000) stashed
Silver Bars 1,000 1000
Gold Foil 12,000 12,000 12000 sheeba, Kaiya, Fuzz
Silk Cloth 500 500 398 (TME) Shiranai stashed (40)
Dark Olive Green Paint 20,000 20,000
Dark Sea Green Paint 20,000 20,000
Ghost White Paint 300 300 Nissim (300) stashed
Dark Orange Paint 300 300 Shiranai (300) stashed
Lavender Paint 300 300 akc2 (300) stashed
Lawn Green Paint 300 300 akc2 (300) stashed
Salmon Paint 300 300 akc2 (300) stashed
Large Gears 10 10 akc2 (5) stashed
Medium Gears 25 25 akc2(20) stashed
Small Gears 50 50 Avanya