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Moss Creation

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Moss Basics

Moss grows on aquaduct towers. All moss is Green when an aquaduct tower is first built. If an aquaduct line runs dry then all moss is reset to Green when the aquiduct next has water again (a dry line has no moss). If you affect Green by subtracting it when Green is the single attribute, the moss changes to 'common' with a lower case 'c' to indicate it is general moss. 'common' moss is not harvestable.

You may select "Bless this Aquaduct, drinking from the Cool Waters" and make a change (although often unseen) to the moss once every five minutes in Tale 4 (Tale 3 blessing interval was one hour ten minutes). After Blessing, look in Main chat for "You murmur a silent prayer to the gods, lean over the moss-covered cistern, and take a deep drink of the cool water. Your 'whatever skill stat' seems subtly enhanced, and the moss has somehow changed character a bit." Each aquaduct Blessing will always add three points to a Skill Stat like Strength, etc. In Tale 4 Signs next to the aquaduct towers tell which Skill Stat it adds to.

Adding and subtracting moss attributes is avatar dependent. After harvesting moss it regenerates 1 moss in 2.5 minutes, 2 moss in 10 minutes, etc.

Creating Moss

Mutagenics uses moss in mutagen recipes. Sometimes when a new mutagen is discovered a call goes out for the missing moss. The needed moss has been successfully created by avatars willing to help Bless and knowing their stats. This process can be done as explained below. Sometimes one avatar can add up to four new attributes in a single Blessing or destroy as many attributes. Sometimes it may take more than one avatar 'seesawing' Blessings to counteract and together create the needed mutagen moss. It is helpful to occasionally Bless as you pass by aquaducts, not only to create new mosses, but also to know how you affect each attribute. In other words, if you subtract or add a certain attribute and if you do so strongly or weakly.

To make a change to the moss attributes click the aquaduct tower BEFORE Blessing/Drinking to notice which attributes are on the moss, then Bless/Drink from it. Check Main for the message "...moss has somehow changed character a bit."


You may Bless/Drink once every five minutes this tale which is nicely changed from Tale 3 where you could Bless/Drink once every one hour ten minutes to make a change in moss. You may see no visible change in the moss attributes but it is happening invisibly and seems to add up until it finally makes the visible change to the attributes. It 'seems' that each avatar either adds a little or subtracts a little for each attribute, but some more strongly than other attributes. It may take several more than one Blessings to see a visible change to the moss.

If you see the attributes have changed then record in your Info like this...

Moss: +Striped, -Green, -Fuzzy

A more detailed description in your Info may begin to help us understand moss attribute changes better...Moss: +Striped(to Smelly, Fuzzy), -Green, -Fuzzy(to Reticulated). Theories abound but facts are needed to understand the changes better.

It is possible to both add an attribute and subtract it later after subsequent blessings.

When a specific moss is called for it is possible to 'build' the correct moss by direct blessings or by 'seesawing' between several avatars.

Possible Moss Attributes

  • Calico
  • Crackly
  • Dry
  • Fuzzy
  • Green
  • Hairy
  • Mottled
  • Phosphorescent
  • Prickly
  • Reticulated
  • Slimy
  • Smelly
  • Spongy
  • Spotted
  • Striped

Who adds and subtracts which attributes ?

Please put an extra '+' or '-' in front of your avatar name each time you add or subtract, until one of them reaches 7 plusses or minusses.

Added or Subtracted Attribute who adds who subtracts
Calico +Ariella -Pascalito
Crackly -Ariella -Pascalito
Dry +Ariella -Pascalito
Fuzzy +Ariella +Pascalito
Green +Ariella +++Pascalito
Hairy +Ariella -Pascalito
Mottled -Ariella -Pascalito
Phosphorescent -Ariella -Pascalito
Prickly +Ariella -Pascalito
Reticulated +Ariella +Pascalito
Slimy -Pascalito
Smelly +Pascalito -Pascalito
Spongy +Pascalito -Ariella -Pascalito
Spotted -Ariella
Striped +Pascalito