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Path of the Pilgrim

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see also Maps/Pilgrim Shrines

The Pilgrimage

Forming a Group

A pilgrimage consists of exactly seven people. The leader should visit a University of Worship to form a group. The other six members must also visit a University to begin the test; once they have done so, they may select an option from the leader's menu to join the group.

Once formed, a pilgrimage may not change its membership. If any member dissolves the group (self->Tests menu), all points are lost and the members will need to start the test over from the beginning. Points are not lost if a member quits the game, but no more may be gained unless all seven members are available (quit players can pass this Test).


Once formed, the pilgrimage must tithe at shrines. The amount and type of the tithe is set by the builder of the shrine. In order to successfully tithe:

The shrine must be holy (see #Pilgrim Shrines, below). All seven members of the pilgrimage must tithe within two minutes of each other -- otherwise the points are not counted. Tithes can be made multiple times. Logging off one character and onto a spouse/other does not affect the tithing, as long as both tithe within the timer. The shrine must be at least 600 coordinates (measured, not region based) from any other shrine this group has tithed at. 600 coordinates takes 10 minutes to run, at 0 dex, offroad. Scoring The pilgrimage will receive 100 points for successfully tithing at a new shrine. It is possible to tithe multiple times consecutively at the same shrine, however the points received will halve with each successive tithe. The following chart shows how many points per tithe.

# Tithes Points Total
1 100 100
2 50 150
3 25 175
4 12 187
5 6 193
6 3 196
7 2 198
8 1 199
9 1 200
10 >0< 200

NOTE: The points for each shrine and the total number of points are all actually floats, which are rounded to ints for display. The number of points obtained for each tithe is exactly half of the preceding one. At one point our pilgrimage had 200 points for two different shrines but our total was 399.

Pilgrims may check their progress from their Tests menu, which will report the current total score of the pilgrimage, as well as what shrines have been tithed at and how many points were received from each.

The Test of the Pilgrimage

Every week, the pilgrimage with the largest number of points will pass the test. Pilgrimages that do not pass in a given week retain their points, and may either continue visiting new shrines to increase their score or wait and hope their existing total will be enough in an upcoming week.

Holy Pilgrim Shrines

Region & Coords Tithe Required Landmarks
Maia 1902,-4450 7 Sun Steel Along road running North-South between Sterope and Maia CS's
Maia 2012,-3233 7 Water Metal South of Sterope's CS along road NE of Maia CS
Maia 1964,-3840 7 Thoth's Metal Along road running North-South between Sterope and Maia CS's
Sterope 1368,-2101 20 Charcoal West of CS along road
Maia 2009,-2621 7 Octecs Alloy South of Sterope's CS along road NE of Maia CS
Sterope 764,-653 7 Sheet Glass NW of CS where road along Nile bends left then right
Sterope 1984,-2016 2 Glass Pipe next CS
Sterope 1990,-1414 30 Flax north road from CS
Sterope 1472, -1085 10 Fertile Papyrus take north road from CS, left at fork, near SArch
Maia 967,-5578 5 Lime next CS
Alcyone 1419,1790 20 Carrots South road from CS
Alcyone 1088, 2428 20 cc on road to papy mt, near UThought
Alcyone 2399, 2292 5 Lime East of the CS
Celaeno -2350, 824 20 Concrete West road from CS
Celaeno -2350, 211 20 Gravel Follow road South of Papy Shrine
Celaeno -1328, 1287 2 Cement Near UArch
Sinai 2726, 4991 1 Medium Gear next CS
Taygete 885, 6054 50 Charcoal next to CS
Taygete 803, 6663 4 Brass west of Pi Bridge
Taygete 880, 6061 2 Tilapia Meat next to CS
Taygete 274, 6060 11 Fertile Papyrus near UBod
Taygete 884 5323 5 lime Near Uthought
Merope -1636, 7629 1 Cuttable Jade next to CS
Merope -1791, 7006 10 Carrots South of cs, near S Worship
Maia 283, -5736 2 Moon Steel west of cs along road
Maia 1680 -5305 2 Cuttable Stone NE of CS, SE U Art (E desert road)
Maia 1345 -6250 2 Papyrus Paper East of UHarm


See Test Pass History.