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Principles of Art and Music

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Principles of Art and Music
  • Level 2
  • Make Rope
  • Make Linen
  • Build a Sculpture
  • Add first item to sculpture
  • Add 2nd item
  • Add 3rd and more items
  • Open for judging
  • Tear down your sculpture (after completing all of the above steps) OR do the following:
    • Receive 21 Interesting Votes
    • Claim your rights as an Initiate of Art & Music (at your sculpture)
Demonstrated by Circe in Celaeno on 2010-08-08.

The Principles of Art and Music introduces you to the discipline of Art and Music, in which you create creative works that will be judged by your fellow Egyptians.

Once you pass the principle, you will gain a level and will also be able to sign up for the seven Tests of the Art & Music discipline (provided that you meet the level requirements).


A sculpture costs:

Demonstrating the Principle

What it took to unlock the test for Egypt.