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Salvage Techniques

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Salvage Techniques is a skill which allows you to recover a certain percentage of the base cost of a building when you tear it down. In previous Tellings, it followed a 'diminishing returns' pattern, with some variance for each material.

  • Level 1 - 40%
  • Level 2 - 60%
  • Level 3 - 75%
  • Level 4 - 80%
  • Level 5 - 85%
  • Level 6 - 90%
  • Level 7 - 95%

Salvage Techniques will NOT recover materials from Compounds which are torn down, nor from buildings which are too far degraded to use.


You may learn a degree of Salvage Techniques at (level 1), (level 4), (level 7), (level 14), (level 21), (level 28), (level 35).

You may only learn from each school once.

School Cost
School of Architecture
School of Art and Music
School of Body
School of Harmony
School of Leadership
School of Thought
School of Worship