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Size N/A
Where Small Construction Site


A Serpentarium (sometimes referred to as a "snake pit") is a building used to raise Cobras.


This building becomes available once you have learned the Herpeculture tech.


Built in a Small Construction Site.


Once built, there is a random (as far as we can tell) chance over time that a knot of 10 Cobras will settle into the Serpentarium. Depending on luck (and the number of Serpentariums built), this could take weeks or even months. You are not required to have a full selection of food to lure the Cobras in. It is not known whether or not having more types of food affects the odds.

Once the Cobras have moved in, every so often (more often when more Cobras are in the Serpentarium) one of three actions will be taken:

  • A baby cobra will be born, increasing the population of the pit by one.
  • A cobra will feed. The type of food it wants is random. If the food is available, it will eat and stay. If it is not, it will escape to the wild, reducing the population of the pit by one.
  • A cobra will wander off. The cobra may escape to the wild, or it may settle into another nearby pit. This may be one of your pits, or a pit belonging to someone else nearby. This reduces the population of the pit the snake leaves by one, and increases that which he settles in by one. (There are a number of unanswered questions here, such as the maximum range a snake will travel to another pit, and whether he picks a random pit within range, or a random direction.)

The following items can be added to the cage as food:

It appears that Dead Ants are NOT snake food. At least I am unable to place a Dead Ant in a Serpentarium 
- Meru

The following items can be produced: