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Tale-to-tale or shard-to-shard info copying.

I have an idea.. could we come up with a markup or an icon... something like ?/! that signifies "this item suspect, information copied from old" and the converse: "most of this page is copied from old as the template says, but this particular item is CONFIRMED this telling/shard". Some of the pages are getting confusing and at some time you hit a 'tipping point' where the majority of information is accurate, the T4 banner should come down, but several items are still suspect. --- Gwyr 8/9/2010

  • I would suggest using T5N.gif (obtained by the markup {{5}}) to indicate the information following that symbol has not been verified. This can then mean the T4 banner come down from the heading of the page, where it would be very difficult to remove before hand. An example of this symbol in use is on the Skills page.
  • I would also suggest using T5ok small.gif (obtained by the markup {{5ok}}) to indicate the information has been verified.
  • Excellent! I've seen these markings and I think they're taking off. Let's make it so! Any objections to putting a temporary "splash" on the front page to this effect?

Newbie-friendly homepage and links?

Being a newbie in T4 and still a newbie now, I found it a bit hard to find some stuff on the wiki as I was slowly learning the game and making sense of things. What do you guys think of putting a panel on the home page similar to what I put on my user's page: User:Akilan Should make it easy for a novice to get the guides they want to see and still useful for advanced users to jump to where they want to go. Thoughts? - Akilan (Note: obviously, the layout was stolen from the ever-useful Dwarf Fortress wiki)

PRE tag style

Can someone take a look at this and see about upping the font size on it? It's rather tiny in this skin.

Here's an example


Why no Table of Contents?

I noticed that the table of contents is specifically turned off for the wiki home page. Some important information (the Welcome to the wiki orientation text) is buried below some other items, which could be fixed by putting a table of contents back in. What is the reason for NOT having a TOC, and is that reason still valid? -Talibeh 10:15, 29 September 2010 (EST)

I added the TOC back in, and streamlined the previous 'splash' headlines so they integrate better into the other information on the page. I don't think I deleted any information, just moved it and provided links. -Talibeh 11:36, 5 October 2010 (EST)