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Test of Dancing Waters

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To open the Test of Dancing Waters 7 Journeymen of Art & Music must petition the university while each carrying 777 Water in Jugs.

Test is open.

Central Mechanism

You must first build a central mechanism. These are the materials needed:

  • 200 Cut Stone
  • 100 Concrete
  • 40 Glass Pipes
  • 2 Copper Pipes
  • 1 3-Output Gearbox


These are the materials needed for a small/medium/large/huge basin:

  • 10/20/30/40 Copper Pipes
  • 30/60/90/120 Cut Stone
  • 15/30/45/60 Mandibular Glue


Region Coordinates Designer Passed
Alcyone 1644, 2293 Sambot Open near CS (South West)
Alcyone 1783, 2349 lilinou YES
Alcyone 1500, 2581 Maya Open,North from EL
Taygete 938, 6113 Murtha Open, North of CS
Sterope 2048, -2003 JaylenaeYbarre Open, a bit north of cs - Open from 8th august YES
Alcyone 1497, 2354 Artemis YES
Sterope 2020, -21969 Thunderstorm Open from 20th august - yes on 8 sept
Sterope 1977, -1997 Nissim Open from 9th October